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18th > April > 2017 Archive

Embarrassing! FreeNAS downgrades latest release to 'tech preview'

'Nearly half of users' rolled back due to 'general instability', so it's been taken behind the shed ...

NASA agent faces heat for 'degrading' moon rock sting during which grandmother wet herself

Retiree grilled after trying to flog heirlooms to foot medical bills

eBay threatens to block Australians from using offshore sellers

Plan to collect local sales tax from all sellers has tat bazaar, Amazon and others fuming

Code-sharing leads to widespread bug sharing that black-hats can track

Researchers find vulns in popular tutorials that have spread far and wide

Australia scraps temporary visas for skilled workers

Revise your plans for a long working holiday – the new visa will be tougher to score

That link you clicked on? Yeah, it's actually Russian

Didn't we fix this back in 2005? Apparently not

OpenStack: Pleeeeease stop panicking, Intel and Rackspace still love us

Also, er, yeah, Chipzilla pulled the plug on that big project

Feel guilty for scoffing Easter chocolate? Good news: Scientists have made NEGATIVE mass

Vanish that flab using lasers to warp laws of physics

Naked Androids to rampage across Russia

Google settles antitrust case and pledges to open its OS to rival search engines and apps

NetAdmin challenge: Go to Mars, connect a rover, orbiter and three bases

Research org releases VM to let you simulate it, plus other interplanetary networks

Debian bins keys assigned to arrested Russian contributor

If Dmitry Bogatov's been compromised, Debian needs to protect itself

vCenter's phone-home 'customer improvement' feature opened remote code execution hole

VMware's also released first vSphere 6.5 hardening guide

So, you're 'ISO 27001 accredited', huh? Just saying so doesn't cut it

All the hoops and how to jump through them on your way to information security

Barracuda looks more like a flatfish in face of renewal period volatility

Growth slows as subs replace boxes and renewals fluctuate

Oh snap! UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls June election

Bid to nix post-Brexit 'uncertainty and instability'

No, Microsoft is not 'killing Windows 10 Mobile'

Not yet anyway

Large UK businesses are getting pwned way more than smaller ones

But are they just better at sniffing out breaches?

New satellites could cause catastrophic space junk collisions

Brit scientist warns of increased hazards from new constellations

Mozilla abandons experimental Aurora Firefox channel

New builds from Nightly to Beta

H-1B applications down after Trump's 'American techies first' rhetoric

Silicon Valley wants foreigners, POTUS preparing to say no

Profit with just one infection! Crook sells ransomware for $175

Nifty dashboard shows the bitcoin rolling in

Docker emits LinuxKit: You can probably guess what it does

It's actually pretty nerdy but in a good way

Dell servers set to get a flash boost from Toshiba

Just don't mention the memory business malarky

Microsoft and Rambus will get schwifty in quantum-cum-cryogenic computation collab

Turn off the heating, it's gonna get −180C in here


Brouhaha over shoddy website and payments sparks lawsuit

Guess who's back at Microsoft? Excel, Word creator Charles Simonyi

Windows giant devours Office mastermind and his biz, Intentional Software

Samsung's Shixby: Reviewers unimpressed with S8 digital assistant

Voice version won't even ship until spring

Foxconn, Apple, big biz circle Toshiba's memory biz cash cow – rumors

So far, the highest bid is $27bn, it is claimed

Zuckerberg: Escape from the real world into my goofy make-believe science-fiction fantasy

F8 2017Facebook boss reckons he'll heal society's ills with pix

Trump signs exec order signaling foreign H-1B visa techie crackdown

UpdatedBuy American, hire American, unlike me, grins US president

Stop asking people for their passwords, rights warriors yell at US Homeland Security

File request under: 'Trash can'

Intel loses its Lustre – Chipzilla bins own-brand HPC file system

Between killing an OpenStack research team and killing IDF, we see a pattern here

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