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13th > April > 2017 Archive

Half-baked security: Hackers can hijack your smart Aga oven 'with a text message'

This IoT goose is cooked

Netregistry, TPP Wholesale on the rack over DNS TITSUP

Updated: Back onlineSysadmins furious at unscheduled snow-day, worry about Easter availability

SWIFT on security: Fresh anti-bank-fraud defenses now live

Worried about losing your payment data? Shake it off and use this

Monster patch day for Juniper customers

Nine advisories landed today

SAP's TREX exposed HANA, NetWeaver

No jokes about dinosaurs

DTMF replay phreaked out the Dallas tornado alarm, say researchers

Get Kevin Mitnick on the line, he knows something about whistling codes, apparently

Tor loses a node in Russia after activist's arrest in Moscow

Developer and self-described 'anarchist' gets lessons in opsec

Worry not, Python devs – you can program a quantum computer

Schroedinger's snake slithers into Bank's quantum sim

Far out: Dark matter bridges millions of light-years long spotted between galaxies

PicThreads of elusive particles form cosmic cobwebs

Boffins fabricate the 'most complex bendy microprocessor yet'

Molybdenum disulfide could be potential alternative to silicon in sensors, clothes, etc

Euro Patent Office reforms hit another stumbling block: Reality

AnalysisKing Battistelli's crusade starts charging down the wrong hill

Boss swore by 'For Dummies' book about an OS his org didn't run

On-CallSo a developer de-bugged his personality with a long-range hack

Hypervisor kid Jeff Ready: Converged to the core, and NO VMware

ProfileGetting down and dirty at the HCI coal face with Scale Computing

Financially outgunned in Tosh memory biz sale, WD wheels out contract law artillery

+CommentAttempts to block takeovers by companies it doesn't like

Three indicted over sex trafficking operation run on

Scandal returns to the site's adult classifieds section

Graphite core? There are other ways to monitor your operation's heart

But why would you want to?

Irish! data! police! are! preparing! to! whack! Yahoo! over! that! hack!

Er, wait, which hack? We've lost track...

Cloud computing is bigger than AWS and Azure

ResearchReg readers look forward to a hybrid reality

Free health apps laugh in the face of privacy, sell your wheezing data

Actually, invasive slurping goes way beyond the remit of 'fitness'

NoSQL slinger Basho looks like it's suffering from a case of NoBIZ

Source says they're working on a sale process

Callisto Group snoopers wreak havoc with leaked HackingTeam spyware

Surveillance firm's toolset goes rogue in hands of cyberspooks

Tantalising tidbits from XtremIO to be revealed at Vegas expo in May

Dell EMC's star all-flash array update getting closer

Embrace our cloud, damn you: Microsoft dangles 40% discount on Azure instances

Embrace it! *shakes fist*

ZX Spectrum reboot project's Great Ormond Street charity cash questions

Exclusive£20,000 donation received, but sales suggest more due

Cerber surpasses Locky to become dominant ransomware menace

Ransomware-as-a-Service is a hit with the tech illiterate

Back to the future: Honda's new electric car can go an incredible 80 miles!

Carmaker apparently convinced it has a found a low-mileage niche market

Drupal sci-fi sex scandal deepens: Now devs spank Dries over Gor bloke's banishment

UpdatedProject lead slapped in open letter after BDSM exile

Amazon touts Echo voice-recog tech to world's gizmo makers

Just so long as you don't let children anywhere near it

Burger King's 'OK Google' sad ad saga somehow gets worse

Everything about this is stupid

Back to the Future 2: Gasp! America's trade watchdog discovers the risks of 'free' movies

Did you know that downloaded files from the internet contain malware?

US military makes first drop of Mother-of-All-Bombs on Daesh-bags

VideoTrump praises largest US non-nuke explosion

Astro-boffinry breakthrough: Loads of ingredients for life found on Saturn's Enceladus

PicsAnd Jupiter's Europa is looking sweet, too

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips

Don't want to use Windows 10? Then you don't want any fixes

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