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12th > April > 2017 Archive

Yahoo! human! rights! fund! called! a! sham!! $13m! of! $17m! wasted!

Lawsuit says Purple Palace's China fund was just 'window dressing'

TPG to create Australia-wide mobile network

Pays AU$1.26bn for right to push waves into atmosphere for 12 years

Systems-on-a-chip are a huge, unaudited attack surface, says Project Zero's Wi‑Fi attack man

What goes on when chip components chat? Nobody cares. But they should

Nvidia says Google's TPU benchmark compared wrong kit

You're faster than the Kepler, but what about the newer and better Pascal?

Microsoft opens Azure India to the world, not just Indian users

Those of you targeting Indian users can now do so with lower latency and local data storage

Virtualization twisted devs, cloud and SaaS made them monsters

But 'digital' and the internet of things might make them appreciate ops teams again

DARPA seeks SSITH lords to keep hardware from the Dark Side

'Make chips secure', because nobody's thought of that before

Official science we knew all along: Facebook makes you sad :-(

Academics find that no amount of Likes are ever enough

TCP/IP headers leak info about what you're watching on Netflix

Not even HTTPS can hide your secret Gilmore Girls fetish

Trump's govt hiring freeze means there's no US Privacy Shield chief: We tracked down the woman filling in for now

Meet Judy Garber

UK boffins steal smartmobe PINs with motion sensors

Updated with Apple fixW3C API exposes sensors, so attackers only need JavaScript to follow your fingers

Blighty's £1.2bn space industry could lend itself to tourism – report

That'll be Beardy Branson's mob, then

Hasta la Windows Vista, baby! It's now officially dead – good riddance

Support ended on Tuesday and Microsoft's not offering even a single strand of safety net

Brexit factor lacking in Industrial Strategy, say MPs

Pumping £2bn into R&D starting point: Science and Tech Committee

Nerd Klaxon: Barbican to host Science Fiction exhibition this summer

InterviewCurator Patrick Gyger tells El Reg what you can expect

ITU and IEEE fail to put technology flesh on fascinating 5G concepts

Could 'Frugal 5G' bring broadband Internet to half world's population?

Fabric maths: Pure + Cisco = end-to-end NVMe

AnalysisFlashStack in pole position

BT's spam blocker IDs accident claims as top nuisance call

Some 12 million calls made in the first week of March

Consumers go off PCs as global shipments continue their decline

'Modest' growth in business segment suggests way ahead

Prisoners built two PCs from parts, hid them in ceiling, connected to the state's network and did cybershenanigans

And they would have got away with it too, but for... Websense

Gordon Ramsay's in-laws admit plot to hack sweary celeb chef's biz


It gets worse – now WD says Toshiba memory business sale breaches joint venture terms

This is exactly the opposite of non-volatility

Half of mobe, broadband customers unhappy with how complaints handled

Tsk tsk, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, tsk tsk

BlackBerry wins $814m Qualcomm patent-cap arbitration

Besties still

MPs worried Brexit vote website wobble caused by foreign hackers

But Cabinet Office has ruled out interference from hostile powers

HMRC beer duty bungle leaves breweries struggling to pay online

Shiny new web form can't cope with Budget month

Parcel bods Hermes become latest London drone delivery droogs

Another reason for non-delivery, perhaps?

Canonical sharpens post-Unity axe for 80-plus Ubuntu spinners

ExclusiveShuttleworth returns as CEO

In case you had forgotten, broadband body warns of risks Brexit poses to sector

Advisory group wants Blighty's policy to align with Europe's

Cyberattacks wipe more than $50bn off big biz value, say beancounters

Wak€ up and patch your sy£tems, already

Troll it your way: Burger King ad tries to hijack Google Home gadgets

UpdatedHold the pickles, hold the lettuce, crappy ad meant to upset us

No more IP addresses for countries that shut down internet access

Afrinic mulls punitive policy for errant governments

Big Internet warns FCC's Pai: We will fight you all the way on net neutrality

Ugly confrontation coming up this year

India to world+dog: Go ahead, please hack our elections ... if you can

Не волнуйтесь. Мы уже это сделали, товарищи

Verizon's bogus bills tanked my credit score, claims sueball slinger

Chap claims accounting cockup left a permanent black mark on his credit history

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