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4th > April > 2017 Archive

Wi-Fi sex toy with built-in camera fails penetration test

Svakom's cyber mock cock can expose your most intimate moments to strangers

Veaam says it's very attractive but isn't selling itself

President and COO Peter McKay doesn't deny suitors have come a-callin'

Google court filing names a second source for Uber's lifted robo-car plans

And that's not all: a redaction slip identifies Lior Ron as Levandowski's co-accused

Verizon utters solemn Oath: Yahoo! will remain Yahoo!

Logo WatchPurple Palace keeps its exclamation mark under Alphabetical umbrella

Free Range Routing project takes aim at Cisco with server-as-router project

'Quagga' gets new name, code injection from Linux Foundation, Cumulus and pals

Optical boffins tweak antennae with photons so MIMO can make WiFi serve more masters

And also to make 5G sing, and cary radar so it can spot missiles at Mach 4

DataCore's Parallel Server is loose with 'lighthouse' customers

And heading for Azure real soon now, as the company figures out how to sell it

Google's video recognition AI is trivially trollable

One false frame in 50 and TensorFlow sees whatever you want it to

Core Blimey! Azure moving from physical to virtual cores

UpdatedChases AWS prices with custom Broadwell E5-2673 v4 at 2.3GHZ

Boeing details 'Deep Space Gateway' for Mars mission staging

Aerospace outfit says just four launches could build a base in Lunar space by the early 2020s

First EU-US Privacy Shield annual review to take place in September

Framework continues to draw criticism from campaigners

Stealth-cloaked startup claims to be developing super-fast arrays. How fast? Well...

+CommentName-checks VC object of affection in leaked pitch

It's 30 years ago: IBM's final battle with reality

Special ReportHow PS/2 and OS/2 handed the industry to Bill Gates

'No deal better than bad deal' approach to Brexit 'unsubstantiated'

Parliamentary committee calls for continued data sharing with Europol

Quantum sidesteps NYSE delisting with reverse stock-split move

Eight-for-oner provides lots of share price headroom above NYSE minimum price

Steppe thugs pacified by the love of stone age women

'Can you take the bins out, Ugg?'

Teenagers think Doritos are cooler than Apple

Junk food, Android and Chrome do well in Google-sponsored survey

Andreesen Horowitz tips $10m into American AI drone upstart

Could there be something more to this one than hype?

Google opens patent pool for Android

Protects against trolls maybe. But not Google

Governments could introduce 'made by humans' tags - legal report

One-third of grad jobs to go, including accountants and even some lawyers

Oracle and Fujitsu SPARC up M12 big iron

UpdatedFlatten that server application load with Oracle and Fujitsu's new big iron

Researchers sink scalpel into Lazarus crew. Yup. Autopsy shows distinct hacker tradecraft

See these contusions? It's where the hackers burrowed out to infect other hosts

AWS plants fresh roots in green-leaning Sweden

Fourth EU region planned with three availability zones

WWW daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee stands up for end-to-end crypto

It's settled then, he has spoken

Qumulo 'cumulates mad dollar through VCs with Chinese connection

Lucky filer startup swimming down cash river

Couchbase swaps CEO for ex-Veritas prez

NoSQL IPO prep?

China-based hacking crew pokes holes in UK firms and drains data

Cyber-spies target intellectual property and trade secrets

Google serves Espresso link-ups for Cloud

Chocolate Factory's SDN aims for better connections to hosted machines

Adieu pour toujours! VMware flogs vCloud Air hosting biz to OVH

French corp catches Pat Gelsinger's hot potato

Mac Pro update: Apple promises another pricey thing it will no doubt abandon after a year

Trash can trash machine from 2013 was design dead-end

Ha ha, OK, fun's over. Time to drop that FTC antitrust thing, like, now – Qualcomm begs court

Us? Screw over Apple? Pffft!

Startup remotely 'bricks' grumpy bloke's IoT car garage door – then hits reverse gear

Confesses retaliation after poor review was 'bad PR move'

Webcam sex blackmailer faces extradition to Canada to stand trial for bullied teen's suicide

Amanda Todd's alleged tormentor already in Dutch jail

As Trump signs away Americans' digital privacy, it's time to bring out the BS detector

AnalysisClaim and counter-claim: What is the real deal?

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