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3rd > April > 2017 Archive

That sound you hear is Splunk leaking data

Visit a malicious web page and JavaScript extracts user names

Snakes and bats cause more blackouts than criminal haxors

The rogue forklift is mightier than the keyboard, says Australian report

Boeing and Airbus fly new planes for first time

Stretched 787 stretches its wings and A319neo Euro-hops.

Make America Wait Again: Trump hasn't stopped H-1B visas

Candidate Trump promised to make tech companies hire Americans first, but the deadline for action in 2017 has passed

Assange™ keeps his couch as Ecuador's president wins election

Opposition candidate planned to find leaker-in-chief another bolt-hole

Banking group denied access to iPhones' NFC chips for alt.Apple.Pay

Apple told tribunal it wouldn't abide by a ruling against it

Dell warns PC slowdown threatens transition to infrastructure sales

Form 10-K says Dell's manufacturing methods are losing relevance and sales integration is slow

Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly

Gun: fail. Flight: fail. Software: fail. Schedule: fail. Budget: fail. Plus 270 more fails

Facebook, Mozilla and Craigslist Craig fund fake news firefighter

'News Integrity Initiative' gets US$14m to improve 'news literacy', with help from PR firms and Jimbo Wales

Finally – from brandbox to whitebox: Storage fabric is SDS realised

An existential threat to today's big players

Franken-firm DXC Technology is born today, the fun begins...

'Don't feel too embarrassed to wear fancy dress', biz tells staff

Lochs, rifle stocks and two EPIC sea gates: Thomas Telford's Highland waterway

GEEK'S GUIDE TO BRITAINFeats of engineering, projections busted - the Caledonian Canal

Ubuntu 17.04 beta FACT: It's what's on the inside that matters, not looks

Stars align

Europe supplants US as biggest source of child abuse hubs

Scumbags host 92% of it in just 5 countries

British biz Imagination Technologies admits Apple may dump its IP

UK chip bods license GPU tech to the fruity firm – for now

Hundreds of millions 'wasted' on UK court digitisation scheme

Exclusive'Agile' Common Platform Programme is 'vapourware', say insiders

Mediaeval Yorkshirefolk mutilated, burned t'dead to prevent reanimation

Likely not cannibalism issue, as knifemarks not near the meat. Er, OK

Oracle breaks silence to deny 'even considering' buying Accenture

In other news: Bear claims to have always used indoor facilities for ablutions

Microsoft's in-store Android looks desperate but can Google stop it?

AnalysisPhone-flashing fun

Silver Lake and Broadcom bid $18bn for Tosh memory biz

US memory-buying partnership arrives out of the blue

Microsoft Friday false positive: Bluber-A ballsup makes sysadmins blub

Benign and fine but alarms do double-time

D'oh! Amber Rudd meant 'understand hashing', not 'hashtags'

Home Sec sends out junior minister to clarify gaffe

Oracle uses own public cloud as back-end storage shed for ZFS boxen

+CommentObvious integration to boost Oracle's walled hybrid garden

Drone complaints to cops are up twelvefold in three years

Irate Britons moan about idiots buzzing over their back gardens – and more

Dell EMC canning XtremIO file services project

FluidFS frozen as XtremIO roadmap refocuses on block

Power plant cyber threat: Lock up your ICSs and SCADAs

That's not worrying at all

UK splurges £20m on six regional HPC centres

Why? For science!

Rackspace launches cloud consultancy service while firing staff

Services, services, services!

Android beats Windows as most popular OS for interwebz – by 0.02%

Press F to pay respects

Kremlin hackers suspected in assault on athletics governing body

IAAF breach exposed therapeutic use exemptions

Ford slurps 400 BlackBerry devs in smart car software push

Lucky Ottawa folk get to stay put

FCC saves Charter from threat of having to compete for customers

Pai slices away 'overbuild' condition on Time Warner Cable gobble

Cloudera finally confirms IPO

And we get to see details of the odd deal it struck with Intel

Tech visa saber-rattling more sound than fury

Coders seeking H-1B visas may have to document their specialness more thoroughly

Alabama man gets electrocuted after sleeping with iPhone

No, not that way

Canadian court refuses to let Feds snoop on Megaupload servers

Canuck tells FBI to back off the big fella

Drive-by Wi-Fi i-Thing attack, oh my!

Don't skip this update

BezosBux: Amazon gets into scrip game with Cash scheme

Payment system lets punters use quaint concept of 'paper money'

FTC accuses man of faking its news to further tech support scam

Alleged spammer targeted victims of previous fraud

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