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31st > March > 2017 Archive

WONTFIX: No patch for Windows Server 2003 IIS critical bug – Microsoft

Suggested workaround for exploited flaw: Upgrade to a non-EoL operating system

Stop us if you've heard this one before: IBM sheds more workers – this time, tech sales

'Very big cut' hits teams in US

VMware to end support for third-party virtual switches

UPDATEVirtzilla says hardly anyone isn't using its own vSwitches already

How hard will it be to measure Planet Nine?

First, find it, which is hard. Second, see if it occludes stars, which is really, really hard

Researchers steal data from CPU cache shared by two VMs

All of a sudden dedicated instances are looking a lot better than multi-tenancy

Wet, wild Mars stripped off by hot young star, left barren and red faced

And they dare call El Reg The Sun of science and technology – the nerve!

Facebook, Google, etc: Yeah, yeah, we'll work on the nasty stuff about bombs – but we ain't doing no backdoors

US tech giants react to UK Home Secretary Rudd

Blimey, did you know? It's World Backup Day. But... surely every day is world backup day?

Right? You're keeping backups, right? No? Well, do it now

Y'know CSS was to kill off HTML table layout? Well, second time's a charm: Meet CSS Grid

Browser makers unite to make web design great again

Is your iOS app piling on weight? Blame Xcode 8.3: We shed light on Apple's bloat riddle

Developers puzzled by binaries' bitcode explosion

Don't fall for the AI hype: Here are the ingredients you need to build an actual useful thing

Your fancy ML algo is only a small part of the puzzle

PC survived lightning strike thanks to a good kicking

ON-CALLPlus: The strange case of the ghost keyboard that typed random rubbish

Forget robot overlords, humankind will get finished off by IoT

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Your bot looks cute but it's easy to crack

BOFH: The Boss, the floppy and the work 'experience'

Episode 4Putting the shi* into internship

Confidence in £70m customs system has 'collapsed', warns Treasury Committee

Under Brexit, service faces five-fold rise in transactions

BMW chief: Big auto will stay in the driving seat with autonomous cars

Tech companies will struggle to take over the road

Ofcom pressuring BT to slash wholesale prices for superfast broadband

Charges for 40Mbps packages to be cut by 40 per cent

Massive scale, tight security – what's not to love about Kubernetes 1.6? Well...

Cult status is not enough for Mr Money Pants

Point-and-pwn tool for posers dumbs down ransomware spreading

I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty hacker

UK gov draws driverless car test zone around M40 corridor

No need for top hats and red flags says secretary of state

Kremlin-linked hacker crew's tactics exposed

Researchers publish intel on US election meddlers

Storage startup detaches field sales force from its nexus

+CommentPivots away from direct sales to web download and channel

Indian Business Machines? One-third of Big Blue staff based there and Bangladesh

Internal blog from worldwide HR exec confirms extent of offshoring

WikiLeaks exposes CIA anti-forensics tool that makes Uncle Sam seem fluent in enemy tongues


Oculus Drift: VR gaming boss out at Facebook

Less-than-rosy Palmer leaving Zuck's $2bn lawsuit magnet

US ATM fraud surges despite EMV

Best educate yourself about what you can do

Yee-hacked! Fired Texan sysadmin goes rogue, trashes boot business

Pays high price for 'elphaser' backdoor antics

Good Guy Comcast: We're not going to sell your data, trust us

UpdateWe won't mistreat customers on this, vows company best known for mistreating customers

Trump sets sights on net neutrality

World Wide Web Foundation not happy

Apple Store in Pennsylvania hit with discrimination complaint

Ex-worker claims African-American shoppers were targeted

Friday storage congeries, convocation, collection, compilation, cumulation

And congregation, caboodle – OK enough with the synonyms already!

Microsoft taking CodePlex behind the shed and shooting it by Christmas

Advises developers to move to GitHub

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