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27th > March > 2017 Archive

Converged systems market is so hot it just went backwards

FY 2016 was okay, but Q4 was ugly, which may explain the SimpliVity fire sale and Nutanix's revenue warning

Cisco denies restraint of trade in Arista-spat, asks court to dismiss case

Under a trade ban, Arista can't sue in America, says Switchzilla

Toshiba's nuclear power plant business runs out of steam

Westinghouse Electric seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Robo-Uber T-boned, rolls onto side, self-driving rides halted

Autonomous car was not at fault, apparently

Trump's America looks like a lousy launchpad, so can you dig Darwin?

The space boom is lifting off and there's only so many places close to the equator with heavy industry and stable government

Boffins crowdsource hunt for 'Planet 9'

AI isn't ready to find planet beyond Kuiper Belt. So you - yes you - have the chance to scour thousands of images

BT hit with £42m fine for Ethernet compensation delays to competitors

UpdatedWill fork out estimated £300m to rivals who leased unfixed lines

USA can afford golf for Trump. Can't afford .com for FBI infosec service

So guess what spoofers are doing with the fake site? Yup – getting dupes to log in

The 'data driven enterprise' is actually just the enterprise

Making the qualitative quantitative

Douglas Coupland: The average IQ is now 103 and the present is melting into the future

We live in 'cloud time' too, says jet-lagged author in speech

How Ford has slammed the door on Silicon Valley's autonomous vehicles drive

Owning the smartphone-dashboard interface

Manufacturers reject ‘no deal’ Brexit approach

Access to both the single market and the customs union 'key', says EEF departments accused of blanket approach to IR35

Confusion reigns as some departments apply massive crackdown

Boffins name 12 new types of cloud in first Cloud Atlas since 1986

Actual fluffy things in the sky found by digicam-wielding masses, but hosted in AWS

Activist investor buys Toshiba stock hoping for long-term price rise

We for one, welcome your advances – investors

iPhone-havers think they're safe. But they're not

Growing mobile threats affect iOS

HPE starts 'SimpliVity-fying' products, eyes hyperconverged buyers

Pumps out SimpliVity 380 in little, medium and big all-flash versions

UK digital minister Matt Hancock praises 'crucial role' of encryption

Rudd's message to Hancock must've been intercepted...

Micron making mucho memory moolah

Quarterly results show a boomtown rat raking in dollars

Northamber's Phillips ponders non-exec role after nearly four decades

Profitability? Not just yet...

Happy Motherboards day: Here's some (Optane) memory

No benchmarks available from 2D launch of 3D XPoint memory

Ex-military and security firms oppose Home Sec in WhatsApp crypto row

'We are in real trouble if we apply blunt weapons to this'

LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw – once again spotted by Google's bugfinders

Ormandy sets snowflakes off over disclosure

Astroboffins clock thriving stellar nursery nestled in violent supermassive black hole

First time star formation seen in such extreme conditions

Angular framework's grand ambition: Not breaking anything

Google's web app scaffolding seeks recognition as platform

FYI users: You may have leaked passwords, personal info – thousands have

Just call it

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