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22nd > March > 2017 Archive

Android O my god! It's finally here (for devs)

Will Google's operating system be an 'oh baby' or an 'oh dear' moment for programmers?

Microsoft's 'Application Verifier' bug-finder is easily pwnable

UpdatedUndocumented feature allows installation of persistent malware

IBM wipes away tiers to join cloud storage price wars

Also ties up with NetApp, Veritas, Red Hat, gets hot about hybrid everything

Linux-using mates gone AWOL? Netflix just added Linux support

Brace yourselves, netadmins, streamer's promising more and chunkier vids everywhere

Mac OS IM tool Adium lagging on library security vulnerability

libpurple is a 'binary blob of unknown provenance' says researcher

New iPad revealed. Big price cut is main feature

iPhone also now comes in charitable red and the iPhone SE doubles up on memory

Nokia blasts 250 Gbps across Atlantic in optical test for Facebook

Boosted capacity of existing fibre by 2.5x. Coming soon: 32 Tbps per fibre

Now THAT'S a landslide victory: Astroboffins snap avalanche on a comet in science first

PicsPlus: Rubber-ducky rock may split in half one day

Juniper emits heavy duty photonic interconnect with a cloudy tinge

Software-defined-networks from photons up to Layer 3

Web smut seekers take resurgent Ramnit malware from behind

♪ Botnet knocked down, but it gets up again ♪

Uber bans 'brilliant jerks', will train staff on Why Diversity Matters

Maybe we're stupid jerks: company reports record rider traffic in 2017

King Battistelli's swish penthouse office the Euro Patent Office doesn't want you to see

PicsArchitect proudly displays work for EPO president, gets told to take it down

Microsoft delivers secure China-only cut of Windows 10

There's Reds under the Windows! And that's the way China's government wants it

Surprise! Thanks to the cloud, you've got a hybrid infrastructure

Don't be bitten by the differences

UK vuln 'fessing pilot's great but who's going to give a FoI?

Too many ppl, amirite? Poor old Brit govt ...

London councils seek assurance over Capita's India offshoring plans

Half of system support engineers put at risk in one authority

Plusnet slapped with £880k fine for billing ex customers

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

Hutch's Three UK users ripping through over 6GB a month

Looks 'forward to the next spectrum auction'. Yep, sounds about right

Splunk and New Relic say they're now friends with benefits

Developer data meets operations data for – hey presto! – DevOps dashboards

Gemalto profits hit by crummy US card sales, dials back expectations by, oh, €100m

PINs hopes on some good news next year

Coppers 'persistently' breach data protection laws with police tech

Staff association warns that systems 'increasingly' being used for personal reasons

Decapitating Rockall: How a 1970s Navy expedition blasted the top off the Atlantic islet

PicsOperation Top Hat report surfaces from the archives

Metasploit upgraded to sniff out IoT weakspots in corporate networks

Radio frequency testing probes for foreign bodies

Calling your redundancy programme Baccarat? Immense Bummer, Management

That's cold, IBM

Can we learn to love AI and sex robots?

Reg lecture explores what turning on a machine really means

Gift cards or the iPhone gets it: Hackers threaten Apple with millions of remote wipes

Updated'Turkish crime family' says Bitcoin's also OK

JS package catalog npm frees its team software for open source devs

With commercial success, npm can afford to be magnanimous

Bloke, 48, accused of whaling two US tech leviathans out of $100m

Lithuanian cuffed and charged

With Skype, Microsoft's messaging strategy looks coherent at last (almost)

AnalysisIt'll probably change next week

Softcat purrs as customers buy early to dodge Microsoft hikes

Price rises were a nightmare, right? Not for everyone!

Malware 'disguised as Siemens software drills into 10 industrial plants'

Four years of active infection, claims security biz Dragos

Error prone, insecure, inevitable: Say hello to today's facial recog tech

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a database with every human visage

Russian mastermind of $500m bank-raiding Citadel coughs to crimes

Chap's code infected 11m PCs, helped crooks make off with half a billion bucks, say Feds

It's happening! It's happening! W3C erects DRM as web standard

World has until April 19 to make its views known on latest draft

Strike that: 17,000 AT&T workers down tools in California, Nevada

I dreamed I called Joe Hill last night

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