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21st > March > 2017 Archive

Murder in space: NASA orders astronauts to KILL cripples – then fire bodies back to Earth

Podule returns home after grim experiment leaves 40 dead

Nest cameras can be easily blacked out by Bluetooth burglars

UpdatedSo far, no patch available to the public

New Zealand puts the bite on Apple over taxes

Australia, of all places, is a tax haven for Apple New Zealand

DNS lookups can reveal every web page you visit, says German boffin

The fix is simple: turn your modem on and off again to get a new IP address. Or ask your ISP to assign them more often

Tip for darknet drug lords: Don't wear latex gloves to the post office

Fentanyl merchant was good at Tor, rubbish in meatspace and at deleting browser history

ARM's big.LITTLE now big.LITTLE.fat.SKINNY: CPU designer makes room for accelerators

AI. Check. Machine learning. Check. Brand name. Check

Citrix reveals full Xen combo will be cheaper than Xen lite for Azure

XenApp Essentials pricing revealed

Large Hadron Collider turns up five new particles

This is the stuff that binds Quarks together

Nuclear subs seek virtual SAN, says VMware

VSAN may get a gig on UK's Astute-class boats. And is definitely getting a filesystem

This AI stuff is all talk! Bots invent their own language to natter away behind humans' backs

01001011 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100001 00100001

Samsung's Bixby totally isn't a Siri ripoff because look – it'll go in phones, TVs, fridges, air con...

If it's cloud connected and has a mic, it'll run it, beams exec

Wanted: Bot mechanic. New nerds, apply within

Sysadmin BlogServicing your mechanical overlords

What 2017 holds for AI: Will you fear or embrace our machine overlords?

GPU engines are out and AI translators will help you pull

Airplane bomb fears spark America's laptop, tablet carry-on ban

UpdatedMid-East airports, airlines hit by tough luggage crackdown amid terror intel

Outgoing HPE workers stripped of gym cards and cushy remnants

If only there was some way to work out these frustrations...

Home Office admits it's preparing to accept EU ruling on surveillance

Doesn't say it's going to, just that it is preparing to do so...

Huawei's P10 breathing on Samsung's shoulder

ReviewPocket powerhouse

Google Spanner in the NewSQL works?

Don't decommission that MySQL server – yet

Plans to force ISPs to filter content branded 'disproportionate'

Industry bods not keen on Blighty's mandatory filtering

ICO scolds UK councils: GDPR is coming. Are you ready? Pop quiz says you're not

Privacy impact assessments? Anyone? Bueller?

Three cops to data breach

Customers able to view account details of other users

Google's stock rating downgraded as YouTube ad boycott contagion goes global

Advertisers, please help us build a better swamp

Adobe buddies up with Microsoft for new ways to mine your data

Announces product integrations and new language for exchanging customer data

Fix crap Internet of Things security, booms Internet daddy Cerf

Don't just fling unsecured open source OSes at world+dog, father of the Internet begs

$1m Popslate e-ink screen venture tanks, Indiegogo backers flame out

Smartphone hardware school of hard knocks

Microsoft IE11 update foxes Telerik dialogue boxes

'Numerous reports' received

Info Commish marks own homework, says it didn't break law over Prince Charles request

So that's OK then, nothing to see here

Sage loses 'trail-blazing' executive after less than six months

De Rojas to have 're-energised' regional business

Wang, bang, thank you, mang: Acer exec off to sell PCs for Lenovo

Now, how to do that in a stagnant market?

World's worst botnet fiends switch from ransomware to stock scam spam


Now UK bans carry-on lappies, phones, slabs on flights from six nations amid bomb fears

Hit list: Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

Microsoft cloud TITSUP: Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, Hotmail down

UpdatedTotal Inability To Skype Ur Parents

What should password managers not do? Leak your passwords? What a great idea, LastPass

UpdatedCritical bugs found in Chrome, Firefox add-ons

FYI anyone who codes outside work: GitHub has a contract to stop bosses snatching it all

For better work-life balance, work more outside of work

Startup offers $10,000 to Silicon Valley techies … who will leave Bay Area

High cost of peninsula leads to 'de-location' offer

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