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17th > March > 2017 Archive

Microsoft kills Windows Vista on April 11: No security patches, no hot fixes, no support, nada

Not even if you've got lots of cash…

Azure storage browns out for eight hours, nobody notices

Storage cluster lost power and Azure flickered as a result

Google Maps' Street View can now lead you into a bubbling lava lake

Journey into live volcano is a feature, not a bug

60 slow-mo A-bomb test videos explode onto YouTube

Nuke boffins mine recently-declassified films of atmospheric tests for new insights

Be our Guetzli, says Google, to make beastly JPEGs beautifully small

Image-shrinker can shrink pics by 45 per cent, but is cursed by heavy compute requirements

A big day for the ESA: Sentinel snaps and ExoMars brakes

That's snaps as in uses cameras and brakes as in slows down

Are you undermining your web security by checking on it with the wrong tools?

Probably yes, warns US-CERT in HTTPS interception advisory

User jams up PC. Literally. No, we don't know which flavour

On-CallPlus: the PC that ate disks and was sated with sticky tape

Open wide, Node.js! NodeSource will certify you now

Testing and ongoing checkups

Hell freezes over: We wrote an El Reg chatbot using Microsoft's AI

Hands onImagine Clippy dishing out sarcastic headlines. Who wouldn't want that?

Big-in-Russia's Yandex launches itself at a Google world

First LookWe slap Google-y eyes on the launcher

Do the numbers, Einstein: AI is more than maths as some know it

Why logic is driving graph databases

Face down in a Shoreditch gutter: Attack of the kickstarting hipster

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The PC doctor will see (in) you now...

BOFH: Don't back up in anger

Episode 3And soooooo, Brian can wait. You know it's too late when PFY walks by

GCHQ dismisses Trump wiretap rumours as tosh

Judge Shred

Japan mulls semi-nationalising Tosh (memory biz) – report

State aid considered to keep tech smarts and jobs in Japan

Gov.UK pulls plug on its YouTube ads amid extremism concerns

Needs reassurances they'll be delivered in 'appropriate' way

Shameless crooks fling Star Trek-themed ransomware at world

Live long and (don't) prosper

New disk drive maker? No such luck

The giddy storage news whirl whirls on and on and on

National Audit Office: Brit aircraft carrier project is fine and dandy... for now

Small matter of an ongoing personnel shortage, though

Brit firm lands £58m EU spy drone 'copter contract

Who needs humans to gaze over the seas anyway?

An under-appreciated threat to your privacy: Security software

InterviewAlso, yes, we can handle the CIA, says F-Secure lead researcher Jarno Niemelä

Block-stacker Datera cuddles up to cloudy pal, preps for sales push

Hires Flavio Santoni into presidential role

SVN commit this: Subversion to fix file renaming after 15 years

That may not be enough to dethrone Git – but it counts for something

The priest, the coder, the Bitcoin drug deals – and today's guilty verdicts

What would Jesus do? Jump on Tor and blow cryptocurrency on blow, apparently

Europe will fine Twitter, Facebook, Google etc unless they rip up T&Cs

EC wants language that gives tech giants legal legroom torn down and replaced

US military's latest toy set: Record-breaking laser death star, er, truck

VidAn armored station with enough power to destroy an entire... drone

Lyft drops $27m on the table to make annoying driver lawsuit go away

Settlement conveniently avoids deciding whether app-cabbies are employees

Bloke cuffed after 'You deserve a seizure' GIF tweet gave epileptic a fit

Newsweek writer attacked on Twitter after telly appearance – now FBI, cops collar suspect

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