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15th > March > 2017 Archive

Hyper-V guest escape, drive-by PDF pwnage, Office holes, SMB flaws – and more now patched

Patch TuesdaySecure programming is hard, kids

Dungeons & Dragons finally going digital

Character sheets and bits of the rule books look like they're coming to the Web

It's patchin' time for devs using Virtzilla's desktop hypervisors

Get busy for the Critical one, nail the Important one while you are at it

Apple accused of counter-revolutionary pricing in Russia

Tovarishch Cook accused of sending retailers to gulag unless they follow price list

Borked browser baked into Nintendo Switch

How about switching to a recent version that's actually secure, Nintendo?

Mini-VODAFAIL hits Australia

Vodafone's network wasn't talking for a few hours on Wednesday

Headphone batteries flame out mid-flight, ignite new Li-Ion fears

Crew douses flaming 'phones in bucket of water, but passenger couldn't escape nasty singeing

Boffins Rickroll smartphone by tickling its accelerometer

Phones blindly trust what their sensors tell them. So they're open to spoofing. Sigh

SAP pushes 25 patches and two patch patches

HANA User Self Service isn't meant to give crims self-service, but it can. And you can plug it

Petya ransomware returns, wrapped in extra VX nastiness

'PetrWrap' tries to blame its predecessor for attacks

Microsoft's Slack-slapping 'Teams' slips into Office 365

It's on by default, right now, with extra love for Outlook and SharePoint

UK's BT Openreach settlement highlights wider issues of 5G convergence

CommentWhat do we need? High capacity. When do we need it? Soon

IBM could have made almost all the voluntary redundancies it needed

But... we didn't mean you! Darn it. We'll have to make compulsory layoffs

Zombie webcams? Pah! It's the really BIG 'Things' that scare me

Internet of Little Things – same vulns, same mistakes as IoT brother

Lenovo gets into server-based storage virtualization with DataCore

Our server, your software - let's play a SAN symphony together

Twitter app pwned by pro-Turkey hackers: Users' accounts sling 'Nazi' slurs

Something Erdogan, something something cardigan

Facebook, Google slammed for 'commercial prostitution'

MPs accuse social media firms of profiting from hate

National Insurance tax U-turn: Philip Hammond nixes NIC uptick

Finds it's against own party's 2015 manifesto plans

More Brits' IDs stolen than ever before

And the fraudsters making bank applications are doing so online

WhatsApp blind-sided by booby-trapped photo vulnerability

Same issue in Telegram, says researcher

Canonical preps security lifeboat, yells: Ubuntu 12.04 hold-outs, get in

Window XP moment for penguins

Sources: Liberty Global, Vodafone take seats at negotiating table AGAIN

ExclusiveNewbury HQ awash with tie up talk

NSA hacking chief's mission impossible: Advising White House on cybersecurity

Rob Joyce is heading to US National Security Council

Russian! spies! 'brains! behind!' Yahoo! mega-hack! – four! charged!

Two FSB agents and two stooges fingered for 2014's 500m webmail account raid

San Francisco reveals latest #Resist effort – resisting sub-gigabit internet access

City puts together team to bring 1Gbps dark fiber to Bay Area

Dark matter drought hits older galaxies: Boffins are, rightly, baffled

Study could explain how star systems go from amorphous blobs to beautiful spirals

Docker donates core container code to DevOps world's DMZ

Containerd plumbing shelters on neutral ground at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Why are creepy SS7 cellphone spying flaws still unfixed after years, ask Congresscritters

And why won't the NSA open up about Section 702 spying?

Australian Taxation and Immigration depts fail infosec audits

They've had years to fix things up, but they can't even deliver on known best practice

SpaceX yoinks $96m GPS launch deal from under ULA's nose

Old monopoly crumbles as competition is introduced

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