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10th > March > 2017 Archive

MAC randomization: A massive failure that leaves iPhones, Android mobes open to tracking

AnalysisSecurity flaws smash worthless privacy protection

Public IPv4 drought: Verizon Wireless to stop handing out static addys

There's nothing for it but IPv6. And potentially new kit

Microsoft to close its social network on a week's notice – and SIX people complain

Low-profile was an experiment, not a flop. Promise

Zerto SNAFU can cause data corruption on Nutanix boxen

DR upstart's board adds chap with data loss experience: Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman

State surveillance boom sparked by fear-mongering political populists, says UN

Special Rapporteur calls for privacy as a right, but also for International Data Warrants

America's Marine Corp steamy selfies scandal, a Senate probe – and El Reg to the rescue

Image archive torn offline after we raise alarm

BOAR-ZILLA stalks Fukushima's dead zone

Wild boars in empty towns are nastily radioactive, but sadly remain normal size and lack atomic breath

DeepMind. Blockchain. Medical records. Google. AI – wow, we just won machine learning bingo!

Nah, trust us, there is something to this

'Nigerian princes' snatch billions from Western biz via fake email – Interpol

Cybercrime even has its own religion in Ghana

User lubed PC with butter, because pressing a button didn't work

On-CallSame worker also thought Excel was a great app for making art

Google dangles bundle of cloud goodies to lure biz devs away from AWS

Google Next '17Ad-slinger pushes its very own version of Lambda, opens YouTube and AdWords data hose

BT agrees to legal separation of Openreach

'We have listened to criticism of our business,' says chief exec Gavin Patterson

Everspin's new gig: a gig or two of non-volatile RAM on PCIe

Smaller than Optane, but faster and perhaps a bit immortal too

Vodafone gets less flexible on flexible working Ts&Cs for own staff

ExclusiveCracks early April Fool's Day joke...but changes really ARE due 1st of next month

Get a GRIP! Robolution ain't happening until TOUCH is cracked

Forget computer vision and AI – why Ocado's on the money

Germany to roll out €100bn gigabit internet network

Preparing for the Internet of Things

The future of Not Reality is a strap-on that talks to my smarting ring

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

WikiLeaks promises to supply CIA's hacking tool code to vendors

Patch, patch .. attention snatch

Repentant priest from Cuntis sorry he dressed as Hugh Hefner

Male bunnies simulating sex acts on him in carnival

Lawyer defending arson suspect flees court with pants on fire

His own, that is...

Cold callers illegally sold Aussie farmers 1,700 years worth of printer ink

Cattle farmers going through one cartridge evey ten months bullied into buying 2040 of 'em

Silicon Valley bites back via Europe’s copyright reform

ExclusiveWhat on Earth is the 'innovation' field?

The gospel according to Blockchain, or is it the other way round?

AnalysisStartup promises permissioned Blockchain-validated truth database

Transforming your infrastructure with cloud services

Sponsored articleScalable agility

SolidFire chief talks up secret upcoming hyperconverged system

BackgrounderWho nodes what'll actually be in it, though

If fast radio bursts really are revving up interstellar sailcraft, here's the maths

Astrophysicists handily crunch travelling aliens numbers just in time for Friday pub chat

Pennsylvania sues IBM for fraud over $170m IT upgrade shambles

High turnover in Big Blue staff contributes

Facebook to digital ad biz: OK, we'll allow you to mark our homework

Video success numbers will be scrutinized by outside outfit

Volkswagen pleads guilty to three Dieselgate criminal charges

Das Auto be the end of it, says car maker as it coughs up billions in fines

DOOM'd! Quake god John Carmack lobs $22m sueball at ZeniMax

Oculus CTO asks Judge Boyle to wield her BFG (big f'ing gavel) in contract dispute

Seagate dismounts Korean design center, fscks 300 workers

Switch to 3.5-inch disks for bulk capacity sealed engineers' fate

Favored Swift hits the charts: Now in top 10 programming languages

Apple-championed lingo climbs over Perl, Ruby, assembly code

Force employees to take DNA tests for bosses? We've got a new law to make that happen, beam House Republicans

Give us your genes or pay 50% more for company healthcare

FCC under fire for trying to ditch cybersecurity

AnalysisLight touch regulation philosophy runs up against political reality

Official: America auto-scanned visitors' social media profiles. Also: It didn't work properly

DHS report shows the limits of bonkers budget-busting plan

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