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26th > February > 2017 Archive

BlackBerry's comeback: El Reg gets its claws on the QWERTY KEYone

MWCBig money and a bold design is giving the brand another shot

Oh my god, it's nearly Monday. Here's some storage news bytes to brighten your weekend

Sunday storage sum-upToo enthusiastic? Too enthusiastic

LG, Huawei unwrap 'Samsung Galaxy-killers'

MWCWhile Samsung’s away, rivals try and sit in the Android King’s Chair

Nokia’s big comeback: Watches, bathroom scales, a 3310 PR gimmick, Snake, erm...

MWCAnd bargain-basement phones. Wow

Git fscked by SHA-1 collision? Not so fast, says Linus Torvalds

Attack is hard, discovery is easy, so fix it right
rather than right now

Energy market operator used urban data only, undershot heatwave forecast by 3°C

South Australia is bigger than France. But AEMO's predictions use two weather stations

HPE's Australian tax failures may have been user error

3Par account managers have soothing tales of extremely dumb mistakes

Failed cancer data integration project means labs can't see patient histories

Telstra Health and Australian gov miss deadline in bungled privatised registry rollout

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