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22nd > February > 2017 Archive

Dying for Windows 10 Creators Update? But wait, there's more!

Microsoft roadmap lays out second big update for 2017

Researchers offer simple scheme to stop the next Stuxnet

Don't get rung out about planting bugs in ladder logic: they should be easy to spot

Cancel your cloud panic: At $122bn it's just 5% of all IT spend

*aaS-es are, however, fattening faster than any other segment of the market

Talos opens box, three Aerospike vulns fly out

NoSQL server, but a big unhappy Yes to the question of security worries

OpenStack Ocata announced – then briefly withheld

Can build clouds, can't schedule email announcing stabilization release

Google devs try to create new global namespace

Universal file sharing is hard because Services and CDNs scramble HTTP. Enter 'Upspin'

Cisco edits DNA for even softer switches

You know what they say. Follow the money

Lenovo to build and run SAP's cloud in China

What China wants, China gets: A biz running a too-big-to-fail cloud

Gulp! Drones dodge spray from California's gaping moist glory hole

Vid + picsSpectators swallow hard as cloud seeds flow forth

DomainMonster mash: Hundreds of websites vandalized after Brit web host server hacked

Small biz wakes up to find online homes defaced

How's your online bank security looking? The Dutch studied theirs and... yeah, not great

Just six per cent of banks using DNSSEC on domains

UPS & drones: Delivery company launches UAV from truck

Hopes to turn terrible triangles into more profitable routes

Netflix treats security ills with Stethoscope: Open-source self-probing tool

Software scrutinizes device defenses, is better than just yelling IT policies at staff

Neuromorphic progress: And we for one welcome our new single artificial synapse overlords

August 4th, er, February 20th, 2017: Simple cyber-brain goes online

Hopping the flash stepping stones to DIMM future

AnalysisHow levels, layers, stacks and DIMMS are boosting speeds

Clone it? Sure. Beat it? Maybe. Why not build your own AWS?

Anything Bezos can do, you can do better, right?

Smart Hosting offers up service credit in bid to hang on to clients

Pint-sized outfit which couldn't handle support tickets gives out £10 vouchers

'Leaky' LG returns to sanity for 2017 flagship

Opportunity knocks ahead of G6 unveiling

How Google Spanner's easing our distributed SQL database woes

Storage ArchitectNo scaling limit? Do go on

L'Internet des objets: French firm Sigfox inks deal with Telefonica

World + dog can buy licensed spectrum IoT connectivity

London Internet Exchange members vote no to constitution tweak

Peering peers reject proposed rules on keeping quiet about secret govt gagging orders

Infosec firm NCC Group launches review over crap financials

Misses full-year forecast by, oh, only 20 per cent

Booming Android ad revenue shows it’s no longer the poor cousin

Mobile ad boom favours the happy app

Highway to HBLL: The missing link between DRAM and L3 found

Chipzilla gets in on Last Level Cache design

IBM to UK staff: Get ready for another game of musical chairs

ExclusiveRedundancy axes loom over Global Tech Services workers

Privacy concerns over gaps in eBay crypto

HTTP still being used

Oracle crushes Apiary's hope in slightly awkward email to customers

We own you, we review the products, we say what stays

Facebook scales back AI flagship after chatbots hit 70% f-AI-lure rate

'The limitations of automation'

Talk about a slow pour: Oracle now brewing late Java EE 8 for July 2017

You could set your watch to it ... but best not

Ah, the Raspberry Pi 3. So much love. So much power ... So turn it into a Windows thin client

NComputing packages up ARM PC into RX300 box

Blundering Boeing bod blabbed spreadsheet of 36,000 coworkers' personal details in email

Its own security software could have stopped data exposure

Pack your bags! NASA spots SEVEN nearby Earth-sized alien worlds

Pics and videoIt's a Trap...pist mini solar system 44 million years away by jet plane

Get this: Tech industry thinks journos are too mean. TOO MEAN?!

Think tank is upset not every hack is spewing marketing spiel (it's just most of them)

LOST IN SPAAAAAACE! SpaceX aborts Space Station podule berthing

Navigational computer blunder halts cargo capsule hook-up

LTE-U R gd 2 go: FCC gives unlicensed spectrum its coat, pushes it out the door

First devices cleared for sale as chip biz, carriers rejoice

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