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20th > February > 2017 Archive

Google bellows bug news after Microsoft sails past fix deadline

Mess in Windows graphics library can give bad hombres access to memory

In colossal shock, Uber alleged to be wretched hive of sexism, craven managerial ass-covering

UpdatedUber CEO orders investigation into tribulations of engineer Susan Fowler

Big three clouds, Apple, Facebook are buying all the best cloud tech

Tip for entrepreneurs: World could soon need automated cloud-sueball-flinger

Oh happy day! Linus Torvalds has given the world Linux 4.10

Complete with faster disk reads, support for more CPUs and the usual grab bag of goodness

Deloitte goes all gooey for SAP HANA on AWS

2,500 suits to be flung off bench to preach ERP on cloud

Connected car in the second-hand lot? Don't buy it if you're not hack-savvy

The first owner might still have access. And the second. And so on

Watson can't cure cancer ... or all the stuff that breaks IT projects

University spends $62m on AI trial, gets the usual trials that come with failure

DraaS-tic times call for DraaS-tic measures in VMware's cloud

Virtzilla debuts disaster-recovery-as-a-service on dedicated hardware

New EU rules on portability of online content services move closer

Consumers to be able to access paid-for services when abroad

Love lambda, love Microsoft's Graph Engine. But you fly alone

AnalysisOpen source with a difference, from Redmond

NZ firm tucks into $27m on the back of VR 'hologram' promise

AnalysisYou’ll dance with Beyonce in your living room, vows co-founder

Google agrees to break pirates' domination over music searches tells search engines to demote dodgy websites or face legislation

UnBrex-pected move: Amazon raises UK workforce to 24,000

Company didn't confirm whether majority to go to AWS or work, er, warehouse

BT and Virgin Media claim 'broadband' tax will cost £1.3bn

Valuation Office Agency needs to revaluate its revaluation

Surprise! HPE says nothing about ProLiant server hardware for SimpliVity OmniCubes

AnalysisHCIA startup denied the full makeover for now

'At least I can walk away with my dignity' – Streetmap founder after Google lawsuit loss

InterviewKate Sutton talks to El Reg about search and maps

Beeps, roots and leaves: Car-controlling Android apps create theft risk

Haven't named and shamed car-makers though

Ditching your call centre for an app? Be careful not to get SAP-slapped

'Indirect' licence court victory – but at what cost?

The stunted physical SAN market – Dell man gives Wikibon forecasts his blessing

AnalysisShrinking before hyperconverged/converged

Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist

Do they use 'the language of hacking', including referring to themselves as a 'hacker'?

NZ High Court rules US can extradite Kim Dotcom after all

Kimble's running out of road

BS Detection 101 becomes actual University subject

Uni of Washington says the age of Big Data makes statistical literacy essential

Intel reveals Optane will need a 7th-gen core and a PC-centric launch

You're going to need a whole lot of Intel Inside to make this work

Software glitch, not wind farms, blacked out 60,000 in South Australia

Senate committee told SA Power 'sat on' a problem for a while while SA sweltered

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