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16th > February > 2017 Archive

As Microsoft touts Windows Insider for biz, let's take a look at W10's broken 2FA logins

Smart card support busted? Redmond says: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cisco shrinks: Revenue, profit and margin all dipped in Q2 2017

Big headaches in big iron, hyper-servers aren't taking off, but software biz all smiles

ITU ponders whether blockchain belongs in its security standards

Security working group has decided it wants to know what it needs to know

Crypto-curious? Wickr's opened its kimono for code review

Look, don't copy: 'this is not an open source license'

Baby supernova spotted, just three hours old and a real cutie

If 'cute' means 'explosively re-writes plenty of our theories about how stars behave'

Xen Project wants permission to reveal fewer vulnerabilities

PollShould bugs that don't expose user data be left alone, saving time and effort?

Watch how Google's starving DeepMind AI turns hostile, attacks other bots to survive

VideosReally, guys? Really?

GitLab invokes the startup defence to explain data loss woes

'We're learning every day'. But does 'test your backups' really need to be learned?

Revealed: Web servers used by disk-nuking Shamoon cyberweapon

Avoid this wonderful malware on your network by black-holing connections

Reg tours submarine cable survey ship
'Geo Resolution'

SlideshowFormer US sub-hunter boasts 1980s décor, serious sonar, workstations galore and so much printer ink

Cloud industry body sets up new data protection code

European providers team up

Data centre locations: In the city or up the country?

Sponsored articleRight place, right time

Identity disorder: Does UK govt need Verify more than we do?

CommentA bit less self-assurance goes a long way

Dirty data, flogged cores: YES, Microsoft SQL Server R Services has its positives

The language isn't the problem, it's you and your PC

NetApp confirms: SolidFire hyperconverged appliance is coming

+CommentHCI plans reveal overshadows Q3 numbers

Just finished your first TensorFlow app? Might be time for a rewrite...

Google's machine learning library hits 1.0

Former NSA techies raise $8m for their data governance startup

Immuta to free up data scientists in 'highly regulated' environments

F-Secure buys industrial control security firm

Also locks down automotive and aviation electronics

Virgin Media swallows 215,000 new fibre customers in Blighty

UK broadband biz posts unexciting results

Microsoft ups Surface slab prices for Brits. Darn weak pound, eh?

If we had a pound for every time a biz cited UK currency woes

Sigfox leads with its chin on security for internet-connected things

Comment'Imagineer's declaration' betrays industry-wide apathy

Dell EMC plans to use VxRail for mutant cloud cargo

Hyper-converged nodes get turnkey hybrid cloud software

Haven't deleted your Yahoo account yet? Reminder: Hackers forged login cookies

We're! not! even! bothering! with! exclamation! mark! this! time!

Nul points for Ukraine's Eurovision ticket site fail

Glitch left fans without seats

Analyse this: IBM moves Watson machine learning to mainframes

Real time results from old time data

MEPs in 'urgent' call for new laws on artificial intelligence and robotics

Liability issues with self-driving cars is key concern

Why I had to sue the FCC – VoIP granddaddy Dan Berninger

InterviewIt's life or death, says guru unhappy with net neutrality regulations

THE SCHMIDT HITS THE BAN: Keep your gloves off AI, military top brass

RSA USAPlus: Alphabet boss tells us not to worry about the Singularity

Corpse of US anti-spying law unearthed, reanimated, pushed blinking into the sunlight

Bill reintroduced to crack down on location snooping

Google yanks workers from ISP outfit, it's THE FIBER COUNTDOWN

Will things ever be the same again?

Don’t panic over cyber-terrorism: Daesh-bags still at script kiddie level

RSA USAMedieval terror bastards not great at hacking says ex-top NSA lawyer

Enterprise IT storage – where being fat and very dense is, um, a good thing. Right, Cloudian?

Cali upstart peddles 4U HyperStore 4000 box

HPE blames solid state drive failure for outages at Australian Tax Office

'Rare issue under a set of circumstances that have never previously been encountered'

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