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9th > February > 2017 Archive

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers

ExclusiveNot just marketing – Software and Systems must work from city hubs, too

To do DevOps right, beam down a UFO says Dynatrace

No, seriously. This thing floats over your office and flashes when code pipelines go bad

nbn™ tops AU$400 million half-year revenue

But signup for higher speed tiers is flat-lining

Vintage Space Shuttle fuel tank destroyed by New Orleans tornado

VideoSpace Launch System and Orion undamaged, all personnel accounted for

Departing Autodesk CEO says he became dumber and less funny the moment he quit

Carl Bass is not planning to spend time with family - he's not sure they want him around

F5's Big-IP leaks little chunks of memory, even SSL session IDs

Turn off F5's 'Session Tickets' or patch the bug to survive 'Ticketbleed'

ITU-T wants video sizes to halve again by 2020

Boffins challenged to make H.265 compression look flabby

Mag publisher Future stored your FileSilo passwords in plaintext. Then hackers hit

Plaintext passwords. In 2017

Microsoft touts cheap-ish anti-patent troll protection shield for Azure-hosted devs

If $1,000 a month is cheap, sure

Jawbone leans over, whispers: Psst, guess who's in a criminal probe? Yes, it's Fitbit

Whatever, you're just a sore loser, Fitbit fires back

Euro bloc blocks streaming vid geoblocks

Now your soaps can come on holiday, too

Memory1: All right, Sparky, here's the deal: We've sorted your DRAM runtimes

AnalysisInspur and Diablo smash those datasets

Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers

Four paws bad! Time to break the emotional attachment

SQL Server on Linux? HELL YES! Linux on Windows 10? Meh

Like GNU running in Windows – outrageous. And pointless

USMC: We want more F-35s per year than you Limeys will get in half a decade

American general wants rid of his Harriers tout suite

Brought to you by 'Most ambitious programme of change of any government anywhere in the world'

Don't be afraid. It's just that year-late digital strategy

Oh my Tosh: Bids up to $3.6bn for memory biz as deadline approaches

Forget WD – bigger stake in joint flash fab would make more sense

That's cute. AI and IoT need 'ethics regulation', mumbles Lib Dem baron

Government kindly but firmly puts him back in his box

Cardiff researchers get £250k to monitor Brexit hate crime on Twitter

Pre-crime snoops study spread of cruel chatter

Docker polices secrets, in Iron Man suit no less

Container wrangler can now shield your sensitive privates

Windows 10: What is it good for? Microsoft pitches to devs ahead of Creators Update

Gaming, mixed reality, Cortana Skills on the agenda as MS continues to plug UWP

Life after antivirus: Reinventing endpoint security

Multilayered defence

OK, 2016 wasn't the best, but look for a buyer? That's Cray

+CommentSlowing market sparks ideas... but only in analysts' minds

EMC exile Russo scales Iron Mountain to be crowned CTO

Former VMAX product head finds refuge

Dell's XtremIO has a new reseller in Japan – its all-flash rival Fujitsu

*slow clap*

Prepare your popcorn: Wikipedia deems the Daily Mail unreliable

Stage set for Jimbo Wales vs Paul Dacre. Who will win?

Macs don't get viruses? Hahaha, ha... seriously though, that Word doc could be malware

Files spotted using Python code to infect Apple machines

Comcast lied and now it must STFU: Its cable broadband is not 'the fastest' in the US

Ad watchdog hits out at telco's alternate facts

Clusters f**ked: Insecure Hadoop file systems wiped by miscreants

Weak default settings attract data deletion attacks despite warnings

Trump cybersecurity order morphs into 2,200-plus-word extravaganza

Expanded executive order calls for no fewer than 10 reports

Zut alors! Uber wrecked my marriage, fumes French businessman

Now give me €45 MEEELLION to make up for it

Why software engineers should ditch Silicon Valley for Austin

And it has nothing to do with South by Southwest

Hyperloop sueball noose-man launches tube-travel rival

Brogan BamBrogan is back! And this time he means BamBusiness

Senator wants a piece of Pai: FCC boss blasted for ripping up schools, libraries internet report

Ajit gets a Florida-style full Nelson after study scrapped

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