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8th > February > 2017 Archive

Australia wants to jail infosec researchers for pointing out dodgy data

New law will make criminals of boffins who probe badly-anonymised data

Another day, another cloud price cut – from partly free to all free

Bluemix welcomes database migrants to the Hotel California with cut from $.02 to $0.00

Sloppy iOS apps expose 'encrypted' user traffic

Bad TLS cert handling escaped Apple's attention and leaves 18 MEEELION at risk

Rackspace unplugs 250 staff to chase hot new products

It was either shallow cuts now or no cash for new product investments says CEO

Pulsating white dwarf described as a 'dynamo' found, no, not in the back pages, 380 LY away

Astroboffins have searched for magnetic neighbor for 50 years

Web-standards-allergic Apple unveils WebGPU, a web graphics standard

Cross-platform dev is for low-rent chumps, unless it's our cross-platform dev

IBM's Marissa Mayer moment: Staff ordered to work in one of 6 main offices – or face the axe

ExclusiveMarketing told to sit 'shoulder to shoulder' or else

Android's February fix-fest flings 58 patches

Nexus owners are sweet. The rest of us have to hope we don't get bricked by baddies

Honeypots: Free psy-ops weapons that can protect your network before defences fail

FeatureYou catch more crooks with honey than vinegar

Last Concorde completes last journey, at maybe Mach 0.02

VIDConcorde 216 rolls into its very own hangar at Aerospace Bristol museum

Eee by gum! Aye up, Microsoft, what's tha y' got? Cloud for accents?

Sorry – t'cloud for accents?

The best of Reg readers' David Hockney-style logo redesigns

PicsWe called; your digital crayons answered

Who's behind the Kodi TV streaming stick crackdown?

Piracy reaching 'epidemic' proportions, as copyright infringement goes plug and play

GDPR: Do not resist! Unless you want a visit from the data police

Comment€20m is srs bsnss so we will keep talking about it

Sophos to assimilate Invincea's intelligent machine tech to fight malware

Machine learning IP snapped up in $100m deal

Revealed: Malware that skulks in memory, invisibly collecting sysadmins' passwords

APT tactics deployed by mystery cybercrooks unveiled

Guilty! Four blokes conned banks in £160m fibre broadband scam

Barclays Bank and KBC presented with fraudulent contracts

Vivaldi and me: Just browsing? Nah, I'm sold

This power browser has turned seriously useful

XSS marks the spot: Steam vuln dangles potential phishing line

Flaw let users add malicious code to their profile pages

Sports Direct hacked last year, and still hasn't told its staff of data breach

ExclusiveAnd MPs said workers were being treated without dignity or respect…

Kaminario pumps up K2 all-flash array processor speed and SSD capacity

Faster access to more data with gen-6 refresh

Blighty watchdog Ofcom has a butcher's hook, clocks spectrum for 5G

Now all we need is some international standards, and a use case...

Small but perfectly formed: Dailymotion's object storage odyssey

Case studyFrom Isilon to Scality to OpenIO and ARM-powered nano-nodes

Dublin court to decide EU's future relationship with Trump's America

Three-week hearing expected, and yes, it is about the NSA's mass surveillance activities

Biggest Kodi sweep: Brit cops nab five, bag some dodgy sticks

Crackdown reaches Wales, Manchester and Liverpool

Cisco polishes HALO, flashes enlarged HyperFlex

New hyperconverged pair

Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice

What could possibly go wrong with this madcap scheme?

Android Wear: The bloatware that turned into gloatware

Analysis2.0 hits the Last Chance Saloon today

Good guy Logic Supply resolves breach in days, unlike some companies

*cough* Yahoo! *cough* What? No, I have a terrible cold

Tosh's new workhorse drive: Not too desktop, not too enterprise

Need a 24/7 NAS disk? Mmm, maybe the MN series is just right

Samsung battery factory bursts into flame in touching Note 7 tribute

Recycling center processing exploding batts itself explodes. How poetic

More tech companies join anti-Trump battle, but why did some pay for his inauguration?

Hypocrisy is the new normal

Revealed: 'Suicide bomber Barbie' and other TSA quack science that cost $1.5 billion

ACLU urges end to behavioral screening of travelers

Ex-NSA contractor Harold Martin indicted: He spent 'up to 20 years stealing top-secret files'

US prosecutors list dossiers and code allegedly swiped

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list

Homeland Sec boss says he wants 'enhanced' digital vetting

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