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7th > February > 2017 Archive

Canadian telco bans a little four-letter dirty word from texts: U B E R

Super Canucks go ballistic: Uber filter's bogus (and writing these headlines is a sign of psychosis)

Got an OpenBSD Web server? Better patch it

DoS-able bugs splatted

China announces it wants more immigrants, better diplomats and science-led industry

Presidential think tank also wants more respect for media. Unlike, oh, where exactly?

Trump's cybersecurity strategy kinda makes sense, so why delay?

AnalysisOut of all the executive orders he didn't sign, why did it have to be that one

Darkode VXer handed three years' probation

Former FireEye intern has since seen light and is very, very, sorry for Android exploit

Boffins build laser satellite data link

If a sat's sinking and the radio goes down, it's time to light up!

NASA's Curiosity puts cat among the climate pigeons: Lack of CO2 sinks water theory

About that whole running liquid on the surface thing…

Quest Software appoints new Asian leadership

LEAKCEO Jeff Hawn says recent changes brought 'fear and uncertainty' for staff

Equinix slurps IO's London bit barn

Gains capacity for 3,340 cabinets crammed with kit in fabulous Slough

Japanese team unveils terahertz band 100 Gbps wireless tech

Think rural broadband, come rain, hail or shine

Teach undergrads ethics to ensure future AI is safe – compsci boffins

Read sci-fi, kids! Save the world from killer robots!

RethinkDB is dead? Rethink that thought: NoSQL database is back

Code gets a lifeline, a new home at the Linux Foundation, and a new open-source license

Cloud price wars resume as Microsoft cuts by up to 51 per cent

Storage and VMs get cheaper, especially for wimpy Windows VMs in Brexit-land

Virtual monopoly on UK cell towers and TV masts up for sale

Analysis£5bn for Arqiva: Anyone? Bueller?

It's a Flink-off: Hazelcast launches own big data munching distributed processing engine

Brilliant, it's about jolly time someone invented one of those

UK uni KCL spunks IT budget on 'reputation management' after IT disaster headlines

ExclusivePR strategy: Bury everyone else's heads in the sand

Google gets smooth early Android releases. OEMs are struggling

Fiery Samsung's feeling drained

Cut off: Big government IT wallets snap shut on BT's fingers

Reg Whitehall spend analysis reveals cash flowing away

Supermicro boasts of secret super server Silicon Valley win

30,000+ into a single 'valley data centre - but whose is it?

Streetmap loses appeal against Google Maps dominance judgement

'A sad day for the internet' says cartographic Brit competitor

Elon Musk joins anti-Trump legal brief

UpdatedHearing to take place in San Francisco Tuesday

AWS cloud cash share: Bigger than Microsoft, IBM, Google combined

Cloud democratising IT? Nah, it's shared by even fewer players

Vapists rejoice! E-cigs lower cancer risk (if you stop smoking, duh)

But you still look like a douche

Toshiba's looking for a white knight, not a chip-fryer – report

Part-sale of flash biz to fund nuclear power station losses

Pimp my racks: Scale-out filer startup Qumulo bangs up its boxen, er, '4U'

Neat SSD for disk substitution adds both disk and flash capacity

Centiq to in-memory SAP HANA users: Psst. Meet us in the public cloud

What do we want? No more nuisance on-prem hardware. When do we want it? Soonish

Three isn't going to back away from a fight over spectrum

AnalysisReady to take on Ofcom after O2 merger block

GitHubbers invited to hack Davis, the microservices chat bot

Talking technical with Dynatrace

Phishing: Another thing we can blame on Brexit

Attacks up 33 per cent across the five most-targeted industries

MapR seeks DevOps love: Stateful storage WLTM Docker containers

Welcome to the party, guys. A bit late but welcome anyway

Whomp. WD whacks down unstructured data-nomming 'Skyhawk' SSD

SFF SSD goes NVMe to blow SATA interface away

Laptop-light GoCardless says customers' personal data may have been lifted

Burglary didn't compromise payment system or financial info

RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears

Offending DSLR became 'wedged behind control stick'

Feds snooping on your email without a warrant? US lawmakers are on a war path to stop that

Will senators prevent axe falling on 180-day slurp rule?

AMD's daring new money-making strategy: Sue everyone! Mwahaha

Time to put these ol' ATI patents to use, mini-Chipzilla chuckles

Data breach notification law finally makes it to Australia's Parliament

Five years after first floated, bill passes lower house vote, flogs offenders with wet lettuce

Intel Atom chips have been dying for at least 18 months – only now is truth coming to light

ExclusiveVendors clocked C2xxx flaw when returns spiked

Facebook investors yell at CEO: Get the Zuck out of our boardroom!

Proposal would oust Lord Hoodie from chairman role

Russia (A) bans web porn as a 'bad influence' (B) decriminalizes domestic violence – or (C) all of the above?

For God's sake, Vlad, stop giving Donald ideas

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