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6th > February > 2017 Archive

Pentagon anti-missile-on-missile test actually WORKS, for once

VidShhh! Nobody tell President Bannon you need lots of science to make this work

If Linus Torvalds works well in airports, Linux 4.10 will land next week

Linux lord wishes he'd consulted his calendar before last week's hurry-up suggestion

US government agency pops 16 years of solar weather data online

Data from GPS systems helps to predict how satellites and radios fare when the sun flares

Hello? Police? My darknet drug market was just hacked by criminals

That headline will never happen, so one darkmart just started a bug bounty program

Javapocalypse soon! Oracle warns devs to bin plugins, fast

The last browser to support NPAPI plugins – Firefox 52
ESR - should appear in March

Tails Linux farewells 32-bit processors with imminent version 3.0

Security-centric distro also has some fixes in new version 2.10

Update or shut up: Microsoft's choice for desktop Skypers

Mac and Windows Skype users given until March 1st to modernise themselves

Microsoft's DRM can expose Windows-on-Tor users' IP address

Anonymity-lovers best not watch movies as .WMV files

Wow, what an incredible 12 months: 2017's data center year in review

CommentPredictions of the present past from today's future, or something

Juno how to adjust a broken Jupiter probe's orbit?

We're asking because Juno's still in a bigger-than-hoped orbit. The pics are still lovely though

Why don't you all just f-f-f-fade away, Kaspersky asks generation SocMed

'FFForget' tool backs up social media if you quit. But who really needs paid service?

This many standards is dumb: Decoding 25Gb Ethernet and beyond

Sysadmin BlogCease this silliness with haste

Ubuntu Linux daddy Mark Shuttleworth: Carrots for Unity 8?

Of risk, re-invention and doing what's good for you

BT's ball-juggling routine can only go on so long

AnalysisWill Global Services finally be put out to pasture?

A non-Standards Soviet approved measure of weight? Sod off, BBC!

Our 1,600 KiloJubs beat your 23 Kelpies

FireEye execs exit, following hundreds of staff restructured into redundancy

Board chair and CFO resign

Big Tech files anti-Trump brief: Immigration ban illegal and damaging to business

UpdatedApple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft join battle

Dell Technologies grabs giant spanner, begins the Great EMC Retool

Details emerging of re-org tweaks to get business closer to customers

BBC and Snap. But, why?

Vertical Millennials meet your Dad at the Disco

Polish banks hit by malware sent through hacked financial regulator

Thanks for nic, KNF

Sage Business School founder imprisoned – but you wouldn't know it

Associates of man accused by HPE of $17.5m fraud carefully whitewash over his jailing

Hobbled by partners Dell and NetApp, where does Cisco go from here?

AnalysisA Trump-repatriated cash pile could give the borg acquisition hunger pangs

Why does it cost 20 times as much to protect Mark Zuckerberg as Tim Cook?

Tech CEO crazy security spending rundown

Police drones, robo surgeons and chatbot civil servants. What could go wrong?

Reform outlines chilling vision of future in wonky research

Three drops £250m on UK Broadband

Adds 15,000 customers, equivalent to one-tenth of Croydon

BlackBerry wraps up India

Distie takes the poisoned chalice

See that flashing taillight? Micron CEO has signalled a move

Two solid state exec moves as Kaminario CTO quits to join startup

Parents have no idea when kidz txt m8s 'KMS' or '99'

But unlike David Cameron, they know what LOL means

Second time's a charm? WD tries again with 3D NAND, doubles capacity

Second generation 64-layer flash chip goes to 512Gbit

Hacker: I made 160,000 printers spew out ASCII art around the world

Check your firewalls, people – no need to leave all this gear facing the internet

Vizio coughs up $2.2m after its smart TVs spied on millions of families

What you watched, when you watched it recorded to the second by hardware biz

Went out boozing in SF during Dreamforce or Oracle OpenWorld? Malware may have slurped your bank card

Hotel chain hacked in the middle of convention season

Comms sector teams with business lobby to slam George-Brandis-as-NetAdmin law

Inexpert regulation, scope creep, more metadata stored - what could possibly go wrong?

Intel's Atom C2000 chips are bricking products – and it's not just Cisco hit

UpdatedChipzilla and Switchzilla won't confirm connection but the writing is on the wall

Web banking malware slurps $1.2m for crooks, now kingpin 'fesses up

But who is the mysterious Samuel Gold?

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