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3rd > February > 2017 Archive

2016: Snapchat loses $515m... 2017: Snapchat rips veil off $3bn IPO

'AND WE MAY NEVER MAKE A PROFIT,' laughs photo-spaff app maker all way to the bank

What's big, orange, outrageous, promising to create US jobs, and sinking in popularity?

No, not Trump... think clouds and parcels

VMware reveals a semi-secret cut of NSX aimed at DevOps types

NSX-T takes network virtualization into the weird world of cloud-native apps

Particle accelerator hacked: Boffins' hashed passwords beamed up

UPDATEThe Australian Synchrotron warns it's been wormholed, but not dangerously

Popular hacker warkit Metasploit now hacks hardware and cars

Coming soon: Cracking IoT kit and industrial control systems

Fused box: Look who's containerizing storage, security and apps

CommentWe take a look at a couple of startups and their hype

ServiceNow pals up with Palo Alto and ties up with Tanium

Security ops service adds more sources telling you when to panic, and how much

Tablets become feebleslabs as sales spiral down

Even detachables like the Surface are making buyers snooze

AI vuln-hunter bots have seen things you people wouldn't believe

Usenix Enigma 2017New classes of bugs found by machine-learning-powered tools

GCHQ cyber-chief slams security outfits peddling 'medieval witchcraft'

Usenix Enigma 2017It's not Advanced Persistent Threats, it's Adequate Pernicious Toerags

Super-cool sysadmin fixes PCs with gravity, or his fists

ON-CALLHappy days as reader impersonates The Fonz

Humanity needs you... to build an AI bot that can finger rotten headlines

Identifying fake news is too hard at the moment, say developers, but we can spot lies in headings

For $deity's sake, smile! It's Friday! Sad coders write bad code – official

Boffins urge bosses to keep their developers cheerful

David Hockney creates new Sun masthead. Now for The Reg...

LogowatchOver to you, dear readers. Start your MS Paint engines!

HPE raises 'at risk' flag over hundreds of Brit services techies

Firm still Helping People Exit ahead of the CSC spin merger slammed by Parliamentary types for 'dysfunctional' infosec

Report warns of 'inconsistent' and 'chaotic' response to routine data breaches

BOFH: Password HELL. For you, mate, not for me

Episode 1Letting go never felt so good

Would you like to know why I get a lot of action at night?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I'm an 'early riser', if you know what I mean

Ofcom splashed 11% more cash on legal costs with £4.9m war chest

Spending fluctuates on how 'companies respond to our decisions'

UK defence secretary: Russian hacks are destabilising Western democracy

And no one has any idea what to actually do about it

Guess who's suffering an email outage. Go on, it's as easy as 123-Reg

The highest levels of service

Who do you want to be Who? VOTE for the BBC's next Time Lord

PollDecisions, decisions. Lucky number 13?

Chinese pirates are facing lifelong 'social credit' downgrade

Guys, this Black Mirror episode is really long and too realistic

You better layer up, Micron's working on next-generation XPoint

New memory, quad-level cell flash, and increased layering

Chinese hackers switch tactics for spying on Russian jet makers

New spear-phishing method for copy-pasting military hardware

Don't let cloud slurp all your data. Chew it on the edge, says HPE

Imagine playing office football with a compute rack on castors

Brexploitation? Adobe gets creative with price hikes

It's all the fault of the GBP, says US titan... doesn't mention Mr Farage

White-knight investors or capitalist cannibals? VIEX vexes Quantum

Board takeover still on the cards

Fears Windows code-signing changes will screw up QA process

Developers remain unconvinced by CASC's novel innovation

Sophos update borks systems at London NHS trust

UpdatedRubber gloves on as techies probe root cause

New US Net Neutrality law coming 'within three months' – advisor

InterviewWhat the FCC did next

Awoogah, enterprise bods: Tintri recruits Echo Alexa speechbot

Bleeding – speaking – edge of sysadmin interface development

USA! USa! Udia! India! India! Apple nudges iPhone production base

Only 8,500 miles off, President Snowflake

Microsoft foists fake file system for fat Git repos

No more days off after typing 'git clone'

Uncle Sam probes SpaceX – but crack nothing to be alarmed about, we're told

Boeing not safe for humans yet, either, apparently

Comcast staffers join walkout over Trump's immigration crackdown

Not even cable giants immune to employee protest

FYI: Ticking time-bomb fault will brick Cisco gear after 18 months

UpdatedReplacement units will be on their way – just don't call it a recall

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