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Turnbull transforms tech right off his agenda

But he's keen on a technology-agnostic NBN energy policy with lots of coal in it

IETF 'reviewing' US event plans in the face of Trump's travel ban

President Bannon can't turn off the Internet, but he'll give it a damn good try

WordPress fixed god-mode zero day without disclosing the problem

CMS sultan decided you'd be happier not knowing you were ever in danger

Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals to be made from old electronics

Citius, altius, fortius, recyclius

Amazon's cloudy desktops now tiptoe across hot sand

Spinning rust for desktops-as-a-service is soooooo 2016

Bring out your dead! Firm wants to pay big bucks for old bugs

Security outfit Zimperium wants to sell info on vintage Android and iOS exploits luckily found lost data on a staging server

And restored itself. But the code locker lost about six hours of data for ~707 users

Wanna protect your data center? Take tips from the US Secret Service

Usenix Enigma 2017Implementation, however, may take some time

Watch: MIT's terrifying invisible gel robo-eels snatch live fish

VideosPlus: Boston Dynamics builds 'nightmare-inducing' jumping pram

Coming to the big screen: Sci-fi epic Dune – no wait, wait, wait, this one might be good

He who controls the film rights controls the universe

Netherlands reverts to hand-counted votes to quell security fears

Windows XP? SHA-1? USB sneakernet? What were they thinking? Or smoking?

EU whacks first nail into mobile roaming charges' coffin

Wholesale price agreement slashes telco-to-telco charges

Facebook's dabblings in TV suggest Zuck isn't actually a genius after all

CommentJust... why?

MNOs will lose 5G rewards to new entrants if they will not share networks

AnalysisEven in rural Australia, sharing is resisted

It's holistic, dude: How to dodge the EU's £17m data regulation sting

Sysadmin blogYep, that's gotta hurt

Pure unsheathes the FlashBlade, cuts out NetApp legacy system

24-rack unit replaced with 15 'blades', performance gained, millions saved – so they say

Motivational speaker in the slammer after HPE applies for court order

A story of a £24k ring and a man who compared himself to Nelson Mandela

Hard numbers: The mathematical architectures of Artificial Intelligence

Is your machine learning?

Protest against Trump's US travel ban leaves ‪PasswordsCon‬ in limbo

Hacking convention's founder hacked off with executive order

New measurement alerts! Badgers, great white sharks and the Lindisfarne Gospel

Reg Standards BureauLas Vegas hotel changes world

'Completely offended' Sheila calls cops over price-gouging ganja dealer

Oz police go watchdog over profiteering pot-pushers

Vodafone sales slip after damp outing in Blighty

Weaker pound and UK revenue decline pooping on the party

Disney shells out $100m in digital animator wage-fixing lawsuit

Steve Jobs didn't just stiff Apple devs, he stiffed Pixar VFXers too

Flash! A-ah! He'll save everyone of us... from sluggish disk boxes

AnalysisCloud provider offers DR-as-a-service using flash

As the world quakes over Trump, CGI has dollar signs in its eyes

'It's a nice opportunity,' says Canuck outsourcing giant

Another Schneider vuln: Plaintext passwords on client-side RAM resolved

Update your StruxureWare Data Center Expert to v7.4, quick!

Brexit White Paper published: Broad strokes, light on detail

No customs union, everything else TBD

Is it the beginning of the end for Visual Basic? Microsoft to focus on 'core scenarios'

Hello darkness my old friend

Microsoft's device masterplan shows it's still fighting Apple

2-in-1s are all about 'generating customer love'

'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard

UpdatedWorkaround is to disable the thing – no fix just yet for unlucky corps hit

Mozilla axes IoT project, cuts staff, backs off from commercial stuff

Despite the layoffs, Mozilla insists it will be increasing its headcount

US tech giants take brave immigration stand that has nothing to do with profit whatsoever

So brave, so very brave

Careless Licking gets a nasty infection: County stiffed by ransomware

More than 1,000 government computer systems shut down

Comcast is totally down with you using a Roku to watch Xfinity cable TV – but it'll cost you extra

US ISP is always app-y to take your money

Humble Pai: New FCC supremo promises long overdue transparency

Public to finally get to see regulator orders before vote

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