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1st > February > 2017 Archive

Revealed: Soros Group behind mystery unit that gobbled Violin Memory

Going for a song: Hedge fund pulled the strings to snap up busted biz for $14.5m

Apple CEO: 'Best ever' numbers would be better if we'd not fscked up our iPhone supply

Holiday phablet shortage was our fault, says Tim Cook melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail

Upstart said it had outgrown the cloud – now five out of five restore tools have failed

AT&T ready to trial latest attempt at pumping internet over power lines

Project AirGig looks to solve bandwidth conundrum in the sticks

Let's replace Ethernet with infrared light bouncing off mirrors!

No, seriously. Microsoft-supported scientists think this is a good idea in the data centre

Oracle to driver developers: 'Come play with our interface'

Big Red lets C/C++ types talk to its call interface

Dark web hubs paying workers to leak corporate secrets

Then they resell that info to dodgy share traders

Citrix looks like it has escaped 'not dead yet' status

It's growing, new products are flowing and Microsoft's sending it new punters

Twin brothers. One went into space. The other didn't. NASA reveals how their bodies differ

Great way to monitor effects of being in orbit

Cassini sends back best ring-shots yet en route to self-destruct dive

Probe went this close in 2004, but the light is better this time around

We need to talk about Granny: She's way more likely to fall for phishing

Usenix Enigma 2017If you want to catch as many people as you can, go for the old legal razzle dazzle

Cerber tops Windows 10 ransomware charts

Crims aimed for a Christmas Number One and scored

Felted! AI poker bot Libratus cleans out pros in grueling tournament, smugly trousers $1.8m

AnalysisRIP online Texas hold'em? Don't bet on it just yet

What's the difference between you and a sea slug? When it comes to IT security, nothing

Usenix EnigmaEngineers need to change user interfaces

Cyber-spying, leaking to meddle in foreign politics is the New Normal

FeatureAh, kids today! Nope, nope, this is governments we're talking about

Dido queen of carnage steps down from TalkTalk

Founder Charles Dunstone to take helm of biz

Dear Microsoft – a sysadmin's wishlist

Sysadmin BlogI promise I've been a good boy this year

HMS Queen Elizabeth is delayed, Ministry of Defence confesses

Haughty minister tries brushing it off as pedantry

Samsung is on fire, overtakes Apple as world's #1 chip-shifter

PC vendors continue to slide as mobile tightens grasp on market

Slack flaunts enterprise handcuffs

Grid bondage puts admins in charge

'Mafia' of ageing scientists, academics and politicos suck at picking tech 'winners'

Sorry, Theresa May. Graphene and 'space' are not Britain's industrial future

Google mistakes the entire NHS for massive cyber-attacking botnet

ExclusiveHospitals advised to use Bing instead

Reports claim Spanish police have arrested hacker Phineas Fisher

But someone using his email says otherwise hiring folk to watch smutty vids? All hail our blind censors...

Digital Economy BillNGO creates 'internet censor' job advertisements in protest

Openreach appoints former TUC head to independent board

Brendan Barber appointment part of BT's plans to rebuild 'credibility'

In China, Apple's gegenpress doesn't scare the locals

AnalysisCook talks up HomeKit and enterprise

Cisco rounds out Tetration analytics with security enforcement

Adds smaller-scale options too

Well-rested women in danger of bouncing their men into early grave

Better sleep means better bedroom action for women over 50

Gamers warned to swerve phish-hooks after forum breach

2.5 million account details potentially exposed

AMD's had a horrible 2016: Never mind, it lost slightly less than half a billion this time

Yep, $497m smackeroos... Yes, net

Supermicro sockets it to Skylake rivals

CommentWord to your motherboard

OpenIO hires strategy head, aims disruptor beams at storage industry

Blogger/influencer/sometime Reg commentator joins OpenIO

Fresh and fast little flashers from NetApp

Shrunken A700 all-flash array wins top-3 benchmark result

Broadband internet in New York is so garbage, the state's suing Charter

Big Apple goes to court on claims it– BUFFERING (0%)

Fear not, Europe's Privacy Shield is Trump-proof – ex-FTC bigwig

President's executive order causes jitters, but data agreement became law today

Waymo robo autos way mo' primo at avoiding-o wreck-os (yeah, yeah, we ran out of rhymes)

Humans in self-driving cars hit panic button far less in 2016

Oculus gift: VR biz to cough up half a billion dollars for ripping off software copyright

ZeniMax prevails in court fight over broken agreement

Apple weans itself off Intel with 'more ARM chips' for future Macs

Cook bakes up another Chipzilla-free component for fruity computers – report

Ohio bloke accused of torching own home after his pacemaker rats him out to cops

Snitches get stitches

Home-pwners: Cisco's Prime Home lets hackers hijack people's routers, no questions asked

Remote unauthenticated control over a vulnerable ISP's gear

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