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31st > January > 2017 Archive

With net neutrality pretty much dead in the US, your privacy is next

American ISP giants' stooges urge watchdog to tear down safeguards on customer data

'Grey technology' should be the new black

When the elderly can't access services or communicate, we all lose

WTF is your problem, Netgear? Another hijack hole found in its routers

Programming blunders allow miscreants to snatch home gateways' admin passwords

SpaceX shuffles deck, EchoStar launch bumped

Kennedy pad needs more prep, Elon's next flight will be to ISS

You're taking the p... Linux encryption app Cryptkeeper has universal password: 'p'

Give 'p's a chance... no?

Infosec industry to drive machine learning spend surge says analyst

Amid the AI hype is a real chance to spot more anomalous behaviour, faster

Apple kills activation lock check, possible dirty stolen device hack

VideoHardware hack steals serial numbers from legitimate users

OpenSSL pushes trio of DoS-busting patches

One was fixed before anyone realised it was a security issue, so be careful when applying

VMware's enterprise mobility management tool can p0wn itself

AirWatch's Android app and Agent need an update, stat

Final 25G/50G Ethernet spec finally lands

Most of the kit at 2016 plugfest worked just fine and should be backwards-compatible

Google's Chrome is about to get rather in-your-face about HTTPS

Usenix Enigma 2017More warnings for users, downgrading insecure APIs

We don't want to alarm you, but PostScript makes your printer an attack vector

Actually, we do want to alarm you. At least enough to take your printers off the internet

'Treat your developers like creative workers – or watch them leave'

Give them problems to solve, not solutions to bodge in, says Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson

'Alexa, manage my enterprise storage'

No, says Tintri, it isn’t nonsense. (Psst, want to see a demo?)

Want to bring down that pesky drone? Try the power of sound

Usenix Enigma 2017What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

King Battistelli tries again to break Euro Patent Office union

Yet more rewriting of rules, as majority of patent attorneys say it's time to resign

Between you and NVMe: NetApp dishes on drives and fabric access

InterviewWill deliver an NVMe over Fabrics FlexPod system in a rack all ready to go

Big Switch emits next iteration of its fabric

More VMware, more containers, more switches

Millions of Brits stick with current broadband provider rather than risk no Netflix

Switching suppliers could save people of UK £327m a year

We're building a wall and the over-30TB market is going to pay for it

ExaGrid CEO Bill Andrews on backup's major players

What might HPE do with SimpliVity?

Sysadmin BlogWhere could the tech end up?

Plucky upstart CityFibre expects to swing into profit in FY2016

Adds 5,000 connections, but still has a long way to go before taking on BT

We see you, ransomware flingers, testing out your baddest stuff on... Germany?

Securobods file data hostage report

NHS reply-all meltdown swamped system with half a billion emails

Accenture blamed for system swamp

Datto buys into a right Mesh. The good kind

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi access for 'DNA' (acronym, not ludicrous business metaphor)

Trump's visa plan leaks: American techies first

AnalysisBig Tech gets ready to defend Low Pay. Again

Free smart fridges! App stores in fountains! Plus more from Canonical man

This is an entirely sensible view of the near future. Cough

Parliamentary Trump-off? Pro-Donald petition passes 100k signatures

Furious clicktivists wear out keyboards in online virtue-signalling battle

Suffered a breach? Expect to lose cash, opportunities, and customers – report

Cisco research paints a grim picture of corporate defences

Human memory, or the lack of it, is the biggest security bug on the 'net

Usenix Enigma 2017For pity’s sake, stop reusing passwords

Axe net neutrality? Keep the set-top box lock-in? Easy as Pai: New FCC boss backs Big Cable

Phew! US ISPs finally free to roll out broadband, right?

Imagine a ChromeOS-style Windows 10 ... oh wait, there it is and it's called Windows Cloud

Microsoft exploring 'less is more' for its operating system

Digital Transformation Agency deletes links to GovShare project, says it's still alive

Turnbull's Transformers' left hand no longer speaking to right hand

Trump hits control-Z on cybersecurity order: No reason given for delay

Follows briefings heavy on blame, light on Russia

LG's $1,300 5K monitor foiled by Wi-Fi: Screens go blank near hotspots

Splashed big bucks for a fancy display? Let's hope you have a big office too

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