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30th > January > 2017 Archive

Linus Torvalds says Linux 4.10 just 'blew up' as rc6 bloats

'Small and calm release candidate' suddenly gets 'a bit distressing' as rc8 looms

Ransomware killed 70% of Washington DC CCTV ahead of inauguration

Huge ransomware. The best ransomware. Ransomware fixed with a wipe-and-restore

Zuck quits anti-social Hawaiian land title lawsuit

Traditional owners still have to put up the Facebook founder as a neighbour

Secret HPE letter tells sales team and partners to keep selling Arista 'confidently'

HPE's all-but quoting Rick Astley as Cisco finds another way to nobble Arista imports

'Maker' couple asphyxiated, probably by laser cutter fumes

Don't try this at home. And if you do, please RTFM about ventilation

Marketing company leaks 17,000 recorded phone calls, many with credit card numbers

Firm that leaked 13M records shames firm that leaked 400k

Google Cloud kicked QEMU to the kerb to harden KVM

Alphabet subsidiary decided hardware emulator that's plagued Xen had to go

Oracle effectively doubles licence fees to run its stuff in AWS

Larry Ellison did promise Oracle's cloud would be faster and cheaper

PDP-10 enthusiasts resurrect ancient MIT operating system

Incompatible Timesharing System now compatible with modern machines

Boeing's 747 to fly off the production line for the foreseeable future

Big freighter order keeps the Jumbo Jet aloft and it was the internet wot won it

Big Blue's BigInsights has big-ish bugs

Guests gain XSSive privileges in IBM's Hadoopery

Avaya's bankruptcy protection is a 'good thing,' says Europe North veep

Yes it is. You at the back, stop sniggering!

To Hull with the crap town naysayers: UK Culture City's got some amazing... telecoms

Feature'People do tend to have a negative perception of Hull'

If USA wants a say in 5G, Cisco HAS to buy Ericsson

OpinionYou gotta buy American, right? Right?

Baird is the word: Netflix's grandaddy gets bronze London landmark

HD TV in 1945? Nearly

So the co. that won the bid for Violin Memory is called (drumroll): VM Bidco...

Two failed attempts to sell company revealed in Chapter 11 filings

God save the Queen... from Donald Trump. So say 1 million Britons

Parliament receives petition to prevent President's state visit

Fitbit plans layoffs – report

Will shed up to 160 lb kg jobs, say sources

UK Cybersecurity: Permanent job salaries growing faster than contractor pay rises

Tie me up, tie me down

Smiley techie Datacore chairman Ziya Aral: RIP

ObitTech visionary pushed parallel IO processing to the end

Facebook ‘Happy Birthday’ lawsuit rolls on

Could be costly for Zuck. But who really cooks the Spam?

Study shows 'BYOK' can unlock public cloud market for businesses

Bring your own key to the encryption kingdom

Mumsnet ordered to give users' real life IDs and messages to plastic surgeon they criticised

Dr Jesper Sorensen takes aim at forum posters

Please come back! TalkTalk woos customers with broadband offers

Competitors are raising prices. Who knows, it could work

Facebook ad biz comes under scrutiny in MPs ‘Fake News’ probe

Does Clickbait cause blindness? Yes it does

Has President Trump’s executive order on 'Public Safety' killed off Privacy Shield?

AnalysisWe are all 'Removable Aliens' now

Corn-based diet turns French hamsters into baby eating cannibals

Hammy eating pups alive

Judge allows plan for Intel to reanimate McAfee. The brand, we mean

Apparently survived YouTube shooting

Father of Pac-Man dies at 91

Masaya Nakamura famous for popularising the iconic 80s arcade game

Flashy Intel sees the XPoint of solid state

NAND revenues top $800m/quarter with XPOint forecast to be a 2018 revenue driver

Sony takes $1bn writedown: Streaming has killed the DVD star

Feeling pretty Blu-ray

Ransomware avalanche at Alpine hotel puts room keycards on ice

If at first you succeed, try, try again, think extortionists

This bot shorts stocks when Trump tweets (don't fret, the profit is used for good)

Software exploits presidential tantrums aimed at big biz

Australia to review effectiveness of ISPs' copyright-defending website blocks

And a good job too, seeing as blocks can be dodged by setting DNS to

Don't worry, America: Elon Musk says he'll have a word with Trump

Could this get any weirder or more silly?

Forgot your GitHub password? Facebook cooks up spec to reset logins via social network

Usenix Enigma 2017Open protocol published for all app, web devs to implement

See you around, Larry: AWS is our new Oracle, says Microsoft's Nadella

AnalysisAs cloud era sweeps in, Redmond faces up to fresh competition

Trump's cartoon comedy approach to running a country: 'One in, two out' rule for regulations

What else do you expect from a glorified hotel manager?

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