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24th > January > 2017 Archive

ZuckerChan cash dump seals first biz gobble: A research paper slurper

Meta will be first to suck Mark Zuck's bucks

Boffins explain why it takes your Wi-Fi so long to connect

And there you were thinking WiFI interoperability was done and dusted ... NOT!

Solaris plan brings continuous delivery of OS upgrades

Oracle reckons killing big bang OS releases also kills application upgrade hassles

VXers gift their mates an Android bank-raiding app's source code

It needs admin privileges, but we know there's a pool of stupid out there waiting to be p0wned

Microsoft fixes remote desktop app Mac hole

Full read/write access was there for the taking

Kid hackers break XSS defences, find hack hole in 2 million websites

HTML Comment Box clocked

Furby Rickroll demo: What fresh hell is this?

Toy-makers, please quit this rubbish, you're NO GOOD at security

Samsung Electronics is on fire! In a good way as profits leap

Memory and monitor surges trump phlaming phablet fiasco

Biz claims it's reverse-engineered encrypted drone commands

The internet of sh*t hits the rotor

HummingBad malware returns in new, more annoying variant

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a HUMMINGWHALE

2014: El Reg booze lab proves Bluetooth breathalyzers are crap. 2017: US govt agrees

Bought a Breathometer? You can get your money back

How Lexmark's patent fight to crush an ink reseller will affect us all

Yes, Lexmark is still a thing

Machine-learning boffins 'summon demons' in AI to find exploitable bugs

There's a low awareness of vulnerabilities in neural networks, say researchers

Shocked, I tell you. BT to write off £530m over 'improper' Italian accounts practices

Figure much higher than the £145m originally estimated

Yes, just what they need: Curious Dr MISFA injects a healthy dose of curiosity into robots

Algorithm aims to make 'droids more autonomous

Nuclear power station sensors are literally shouting their readings at each other

Brit audio networking bods Chirp go all green and glowy

IBM: We're not putting XIV on the cart

Big Blue claims 3 more releases coming to take us to mid-2018

Top UK judges rule: Government can't pull the Article 50 trigger alone

Parliament must be consulted on EU exit process

Oh, the things Vim could teach Silicon Valley's code slingers

Open Source Insider25 years, eight updates, all gravy

I don't care what your eyeballs tell you. Alternative fact is, we've locked up your files

Survey: 'Bluff' ransomware is on the up

Brexit, schmexit: Christmas sales up 4 per cent at Dixons Carphone

Firm defies forecasts despite warnings of 'uncertain times'

Batman v Superman leads Razzie nominations

Flip side of the La La Land love-in

'It will go wrong. There's no question of time... on safety or security side'

Cheerful chap writes off all mission-critical IoT software without realising it

Continuous Lifecycle London: Save over 25% with early bird tickets

Our best price for three days of DevOps, Containers, CD and Agile

Spun-out Nexsan now prowling the market for growth and acquisitions

The only way is up

Irish townsfolk besieged by confused smut channel callers

Gov spokesperson promises Mr Ring he’ll get to the bottom of it

US Army's spun-off GPU database gets ready for more matrix operations

Also: We could rebuild Trump's social score, we have the technology

DDoSing has evolved in the vacuum left by IoT's total absence of security

Botnets' power level over 9,000 thanks to gaping vulnerabilities

Penguins force-fed root: Cruel security flaw found in systemd v228

Opens door to privilege escalation attacks

Jinn workers besiege delivery app co-founder to protest wage changes

Couriers allege their pay was slashed retroactively

Verizon waves its IoT credentials, boasts of adopting US-centric one

And they're potentially eyeing up the NHS as a wearables customer

UK courts experiencing surge in cyber-crime case load

Value of fraud surpasses £1bn for first time in five years

We're not quitting the UK: Microsoft quashes Brexit fake news

Did I say that? Bullish MS man finds quotes ripped out of context

Yahoo! boo! hoo! hoo!: Verizon! hits! brakes! on! $4.8bn! biz! gobble!

And SEC probes three-year gap between data swipe and disclosure

US govt can't stop Microsoft taking its Irish email seizure fight to the Supreme Court

Message slurp faces scrutiny from America's highest judges

Is Kubernetes a little too terrifying? Platform9 has a safe space for you

Think DevOps, without the work

Using LinkedIn will land you a shiny new job – like, er, CTO of Microsoft

Redmond decides we need to talk about Kevin

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud

Biz apologizes after years-old data mysteriously reappears

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