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18th > January > 2017 Archive

US watchdog sues Qualcomm for 'bribing' Apple to swallow chips

Snapdragon biz broke monopoly laws, FTC claims in bombshell lawsuit

HPE gobbles SimpliVity for US$650m – well below recent valuations

Hyperconverged unicorn loses its horn

Australia's Department of Social Services pushing ahead with data-matching plans

Midyear data release hopes to crowd source academic data-matching brainpower

Did Oculus swipe blueprints from rival? Zuck takes the stand

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg grilled over the now-$3bn VR acquisition

Kill it with fire: US-CERT urges admins to firewall off Windows SMB

Shadow Brokers may have loosed a zero-day so you're better safe than sorry

Toshiba may sell silicon biz to contain fallout of nuke plant problems

Japanese company's foray into fission has been a fiscal flop that a RAM plant sale could fix

SOHOpeless routers offer hard-coded credentials and command injection bugs

Researcher says Zyxel and Billion kit in Thailand, and probably beyond, are rotten

What's big and red and needs 270 security patches?

Oracle software, that's what

Ransomware scum infect cancer non-profit

Cyber-bastards lower bar

Hacker cracks Facebook with remote code execution bug

ImageMagick exploit earns chap US$40k bug bounty

IPv6 vulnerable to fragmentation attacks that threaten core internet routers

Net boffins float RFC to fix the protocol before things turn nasty

100 Gbps link to Europe lights up to delight researchers

AEConnect cable expands university research networking

Well, that sucks: China's Tencent so sorry after vid emerges of faux blowjob office game

VideoCloud giant's staff party leaves little to imagination

Solaris 12 disappears from Oracle's roadmap

Instead we're getting version '', '' and a Big Red SPARC IaaS

You know how online shops love to keep tabs on you? Now it's coming to the offline world

Intel taps IoT tech to gather stats on shoppers

Boffins link ALIEN STRUCTURE ON VENUS to Solar System's biggest ever grav wave

Akatsuki probe finds huge thing lurking in planet's clouds

Doctor AI: Good news, I'm better at predicting when you'll die of a heart attack. Bad news is...

You're still gonna die, probably

Smart bombs, smart bullets – now guided smart artillery shells, thanks to DARPA dosh

US Navy ordnance contract goes Raytheon

El Reg drills into chatbot hype: The AIs that want to be your web butlers

AnalysisSo many things to solve, eg: how can there be conversation without memory?

EE slapped with £2.7m fine by Ofcom

Some 40,000 customers were overcharged £250,000

Jersey Telecom wheels out LoRa IoT network, says it's 'not ruling out' other techs

InterviewSmall island's big telco talks to El Reg

LTE-Broadcast has broad deployment models. What it doesn't have is the iPhone

AnalysisKey to unlocking mega smartphone market

Did somebody say object storage? 9 ways to tell if there's a point

CommentTick 'em off, impress the boardroom

Digital transformation?! Your boss's PowerPoint New Year resolution, deconstructed

Dear Leader flips eye-popping Uber and Tesla figures

Japan's terrifying techno-toilets will be made foreigner friendly, vow makers

Hallelujah for the planned ISO symbol standard!

Irish flash extender startup goes 3D

Navigator and Pathfinder beget Aviator

Blockchain: A digital 'golden section' that's the 'gestalt of its pieces'

LogowatchMore adventures in fintech

Hyperconvergered-ception: HPE swallows SimpliVity

AnalysisHyperconverges hyperconverger, thereby converging market

Ooooh, that's NASty. Security-watchers warn over man-in-the-middle risk

UpdatedSmall flaws, but they add up

Euro space agency's Galileo satellites stricken by mystery clock failures

One in eight have stopped, admits org's director general

Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform openly shifts storage into the hands of devs

Dynamically allocate without an admin over your shoulder

Exclusive billionaires' investment club leads Collibra's $50m Series C

Belgian data governance business only loses a single board position too, sweet

'Ancient' Mac backdoor discovered that targets medical research firms

More secure than PC? Ha!

UK, you Cray. Boffins flex ARM in 'first-of-its-kind' bonkers HPC rig

£3m granted for 'emerging architectures' supercomputing mashup

Inspur inspires DDN to be its HPC reseller

Sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G departments are each clinging on to 100 terabytes of legacy data

Recreating old work to the tune of £500m per year

College fires IT admin, loses access to Google email, successfully sues IT admin for $250,000

Sacked techie claims school retaliated over race complaint

Google harvests school kids' web histories for ads, claims its Mississippi nemesis


'Exploding e-cig cost me 7 teeth, burned my face – and broke my sink!'

NSFW pics'Healthy' smoking puts American bloke in hospital

Uncle Sam sues Oracle for 'screwing over Asian, black and women staff'

Big Red threatened with government IT contract armageddon over pay gap

Square Kilometre Array precursor shrinks 5TB of data to 22MB – every second!

Australia's Murchison radio telescope tells Reg how big astronomy 'destroys' big data

Silence is golden: How Google hunts Android malware in the wild

When mobes and gadgets stop verifying app installations, you're gonna have a bad time

Is Qualcomm price gouging phone makers? Not everyone thinks so

AnalysisDissenting FTC voice sees an Obamaesque assault on tech licensing

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