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17th > January > 2017 Archive

Two new Raspberry Pi models emerge steaming from the oven

RPi 3 shrunk into normal and 'lite' Compute Modules for embedded applications

Dovecot mailserver graded 'nearly impenetrable'

Security audit of popular-with-service-providers package produces surprised smiles

911 app is a joke, says security researcher Randy Westergren

'Panic Button' could be pressed by miscreants, repeatedly

Docker adds continuous integration to DataKit

Your code tested as soon as you send it to GitHub

Japan tries to launch satellite on rocket the size of a telegraph pole

And fails: the launcher's second stage failed to ignite so it ditched into the sea

Auto emissions 'cheatware' scandal sparks war of words between Italy, Germany

EPA's allegations against Fiat Chrysler become sweary international incident

Dodgy Dutch developer built backdoors into thousands of sites

UpdateThen hoovered out users' personal data, stole identities galore and spent up big

Devs reverse-engineer 16,000 Android apps, find secrets and keys to AWS accounts

It's 2017 and developers are still doing really dumb things

Search for MH370 called off after new theory about resting place is ruled out

Australia, Malaysia and China say no new information on plane's location has been found

Microsoft Germany says Windows 7 already unfit for business users

FUDalicious post argues ancient security features are just too risky

Power Systems running IBM's VIOS virtualisation need a patch and reboot

Unless you're willing to tolerate the chance of data corruption

Stanford boffins find 'correlation between caffeine consumption and longevity'

Make a cup of tea - or a mocha - before you read this if you want a long and happy life

Facebook pimping for politicos despite fake news 'purge'

Social giant works both sides of news street

Revealed: How Nvidia's 'backseat driver' AI learned to read lips

Driving assistant gives self-drivers a bit of Lip(Net)

OpenIO, blind nano-nodes and coffee cup detection

InterviewWhat you don’t know, you can’t look for - obviously

CBI: Brexit Britain needs a 'sensible and flexible' immigration programme

Calls for benefits of foreign workers to be recognised

AI and robots? Will someone think of the jobs, says HPE CEO Whitman

Yeah, just don't worry about the 100k plus you've tossed on the bonfire Meg

Phoney McPhoneface: The thrilling tale of ZTE's crowdsourced mobe

Or why the customer isn't always right

Ransomware brutes smacked 1 in 3 NHS trusts last year

One was hit 19 times over 12 months

Admins rejoice. Microsoft brings Azure Automation to the UK

Makes its Brentrance in the South and West regions

Apple sings another iTune following Brexit as prices rise by up to a third

It had to happen sooner or sooner.... price parity with the US dollar

Ex-Nokia IoT bods Cumulocity join hands with Teleena

Partnership will plug LoRa and general IoTness

UK's lords want more details on adult website check plans

Need to give it a good, proper scrutinising, don't you?

Why Theresa May’s hard Brexit might be softer than you think

AnalysisThe real plan's under wraps?

Seagate hauls out fat form factor throwback hard drive

Bulky, low-capacity spinner built for SMBs

Oracle crashes AWS and Azure UK cloud data centre party

London base in global expansion

Mega UK hospitals trust Barts says IT borkage was due to trojan – not ransomware

Oh, well, that's all right then

Multi-silo data-sucker Alluxio inks deal with Dell EMC

Follows startup's agreement with Huawei

Credential-stuffers enjoy up to 2% attack success rate – report

It's kinda easy when all the passwords are 1234567

WANdisco stuffs IBM-boosted deal cash wads into its flared trouser pockets

Hoping to replicate Big Blue deal with additional partners

Veeam vaunts its va-va-voom as 2016 revenues unveiled

As if backup competition happens to someone else

Valley techies to protest outside Palantir – Trump adviser's creepy citizen database biz

Thiel's upstart has the info needed for a Muslim registry

Li-ion tamers: Boffins build battery with built-in fire extinguisher

Can we just go ahead and call it 'the Samsung device' now?

Chelsea Manning sentence slashed by Prez Obama: She'll be sprung in the spring

Pack your bags Julian, you're off to America, right?

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