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12th > January > 2017 Archive

FCC slams Verizon, AT&T over zero rating, gives T-Mobile US a hug

Watchdog's staff outline new guidelines, but it won't matter if Commissioner Pai has his way

Google Cloud unlocks key achievement

Encryption got you down? Google will manage your secrets for you

The top doc, the FBI, the Geek Squad informant – and the child porn pic that technically wasn't

Feds face potential legal nightmare ahead of trial

Docker swings door shut on privilege escalation bug

Container escape vuln patched

Wi-Fi for audiophiles: Alliance preps TimeSync certification program

Nice market you have there, Bluetooth. Shame if anything should happen to it ...

Google sends Titan broadband drones to the unicorns' graveyard

Alphabet shutters another moonshot bad idea

Crims shut off Ukraine power in wide-ranging anniversary hacks

Phishing, denial of service, and remote exploitation part of hacking banquet

Weaky-leaks: Furious fans roast Assange in web interview from hell

VideoEcuadorian broom cupboard denizen refuses to cough up info for once

Now for a really cool micro-drum solo: Boffins chill gizmo below quantum limit

Neat microwave trick could be key to reaching absolute zero

MIT brainiacs wrangle 2D graphene into super-strong 3D art homework

VideoHydraulic press action has explosive results

Peace-sign selfie fools menaced by fingerprint-harvesting tech

Cute photo? Your biometrics just got raided, boffins warn

Oh ALIS, don't keep us waiting: F-35 jet's software 'delayed'

And local sysadmins left to reset ground crews' 'dealer module' Toughbooks

Maps and alarm clocks best thing about mobes, say normies

You mean I can phone people with this?!

Dell EMC lifts the post-acquisition axe, swings

There will be blood

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard

Follows its own destiny – at a price

Strike January: Fujitsu staff gearing up for more industrial action – Unite

Hoping to buy time, get better settlements... nothing's going to stop the cuts

Qualcomm/NXP, Nvidia and Intel: The race to define the car platform

CES 20175G is such a drag

Train your self-driving car AI in Grand Theft Auto V – what could possibly go wrong?

Great training ground (and don't worry about all that violence)

Lloyds Bank customers still flogging the online dead horse

Banker's PR: Normal service levels resuming... whether that continues, we DON'T KNOW

IBM: Hm, medical record security... security... Got it – we need blockchains

Big Blue pretty sure it can sell more Watson boxes if this works

Microsoft cans pay-as-you-go Azure for new MPSA licensees

Aimed at small customers, kicks off in February

Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband

Computer said yes, sales peeps said yes, speed checker said: Noooo

AWS, you crack us up. Rebrands Westminster 'Webminster'

LogoWatchNothing to do with gov shifting to its cloudy services, apparently

IBM: Cognitive computing needs flash arrays, mark our words

Big Blue coats DS8880 boxen with cognitive paint

Terry Pratchett's self-written documentary to be broadcast in 2017

Back In Black coming to BBC 2 soon

Brexit contributes to backup appliance sales fall

Pockets of growth in Europe fail to prevent overall decline

Brother-and-sister duo arrested over hacking campaign targeting Italy's bigwigs

EyePyramid operation targeted politicians and business leaders

A deduping backup target startup going public – who'd a thought it?

If Exagrid pulls it off, it'll be a first

Security hardened, pah! Expert doubts Kaymera's mighty Google's Pixel

Kaymera: building on shoulders of a giant, claim

iPhone hacking biz Cellebrite hacked

Database pwned, cyber-forensics outfit admits

AT&T CEO clambers up Trump's tower, explains why he should shower gold for Time Warner

Randall Stephenson makes case for yuuuge merger

Shadow Brokers spew Windows hack tools after exploit auction flop

Screw you, guys, we're going home

IT spending to soar a whopping 2.7 per cent, says ball-rubber Gartner

Crystal ball, that is

Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals

Gee, what a lovely parting gift by outgoing US prez

Reg straps on goggles from upstart that wants to 'democratize' VR

Eonite hopes to get ahead of a rapidly moving market with top tracking software

Congrats, PC slingers. That's now FIVE straight years of shrinking sales

Tragic decline is slowing, though, say IDC beancounters

Donald Trump will take cybersecurity advice from, um, Rudy Giuliani

♪ Stop your messin' around, better think of your future ♪

Clone wars: Wrestler sues Microsoft over Gears of War character

Hard Rock Hamilton claims Cole Train was modeled on him – and he wants damages

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