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11th > January > 2017 Archive

NSW bus Wi-Fi privacy, regulation: 'Move along, nothing to see here'

Vulture South isn't so sure kills adult section, claims government censorship

Gimme a break, retorts congresswoman

No more will I tailor Swift: Code lang project lead leaving Apple

Chris Lattner to head up Tesla's Autopilot software team

Juniper warns: Borked upgrade opens root on firewalls

Turn it off and turn it back on again. No, really

EMC slings patch at remote hack nonce-nse

Smells like 2010

Ansible patches 'own the farm' vulnerability

Just the Facts, sysadmins

Binary star bash-up should add new light to Northern Cross in 2022

Pics and videoExplosive union visible with the naked eye

Sundown exploit kit weaves Edge hack hole

Thankfully most users are patched

Anti-smut law dubs PCs, phones 'pornographic vendor machines', demands internet filters

And there's a $20 charge to remove the block

For Fark's sake! Fark fury follows 5-week ad ban for 5-year-old story

The tale of the underage girl who wasn't and still isn't years later

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

Microsoft offers two settings – on and almost off – and a dashboard of collected data

Plusnet? More like Plus-naught: Mobile data on the fritz for days for some unlucky punters

UpdatedCarrier mum on cause of outage

LinkedIn, eBay founders and pals kick in $27m to bring Jesus to AI bots

Yet another cash pile to 'better' machine learning with non-experts

How do file store-and-share firms avoid that sinking syncing feeling?

InterviewOh EFSS, they'd better spread sideways. That's the impression we got from one

PlayStation 4 probs: Gamers struggle with PSVR headset blackouts

Whimsical folk brand problems 'Connectiongate'

British Hadoop security startup expands to New York to land big investor

Panaseer reckons market there is more mature, i.e. it spends more money on security

BBC surrenders 'linear' exclusivity to compete with binge-watch Netflix

Vows to dump entire series on iPlayer before they air on TV

How to secure MongoDB – because it isn't by default and thousands of DBs are being hacked

Stop right now and make sure you've configured it correctly

SCC veterans set to leave the building after two decades

Andy Wright heads to XMA board seat, Tracey Westall seeking new employer

Panzura picks up $32 million growth funding

We’re on a roll baby and we’re gonna grow, grow, grow….

Oh Britain. Worried your routers will be hacked, but won't touch the admin settings

Survey shows people don't act on insecure wireless routers

EU wants power to fine behavioural data bad boys and the ad men aren't happy

ePrivacy draft is a mixed bag for Silicon Valley

US Navy runs into snags with aircraft carrier's electric plane-slingshot

EMAL system was nearly bought by the UK. Bullet dodged? Oh no

Black horse blacks out: Lloyds Bank website goes down

Company: We don't know what happened, couldn't tell you if we did

GCHQ feeds first crop of infosec startups to Cyber Accelerator

Tech 'crèche' will nurture firms to compete on the world stage

UK can be a 'world leader in 5G', you say? Er, our 4G still takes a beating from Peru

Experts remain unconvinced by breathless government report

Kerching! That's the sound of Barracuda customers feeling the ransomware fear

Email threat scans and cloud uptake bolsters firm's fortunes

GoDaddy revokes 9,000 SSL certificates wrongly validated by code bug

Your website will work, but might be riddled with errors

Qumulo goes to La La Land, speeds up dreamboat Ryan Gosling

Case studyHey girl. Your scale-out filer's fast enough for me

Seagate laying off 2,217 employees

Closing China's disk drive manufacturing plant

Digital video recorder installers master password list 'leaked' – claims

If true, we're talking remote viewing of people's CCTV cams

Two tickets to the ARM show: HPE buffs up the StoreVirtual line

Scaling up, out, and across, but workout flops at files

Speaking in Tech: Went to Cancun... visited the Walmart

PodcastAll the best tech gossip here...

Tell us about that $1m horse, Mr Samsung: Bribery probe slips deep into South Korean giant

Bigwig denies any wrongdoing

Dieselgate: VW pleads guilty, will cough up $4.3bn, throws 6 staff under its cheatware bus

Techies charged by Uncle Sam

FBI takes gag out of Cloudflare's mouth after three-year legal battle

Upstart has been dying to talk about how it didn't rat out its customers in 2013

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

Document police with 'god-like' access denied therapy – claim

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