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10th > January > 2017 Archive

Oz regulator trims broadband prices

'Just a little off the top, barber'

Fitbit throws fit, emits writ for outfit's non-hit, rather sh*t, 'Fitbit' kit

Reseller accused of passing off malfunctioning health bands as refurbished gear

Asteroid nearly gave Earth a new feature, two days after its discovery

First flyby for 2017

Is! Yahoo! dead?! Why! web! biz! will! rename! to! Altaba! – the! truth!

Verizon deal looks like it could go ahead

Too much landfill, too little purpose: CES 2017

Tech sector needs decluttering

Two years on, thousands of unpatched Magento shops still being carded

German infosec agency: 'Patch! Patch! PAAAATTCCCCHHHH!

St Jude patching Merlin@home heart kit

Be still my beating heart

Happy 20th birthday to the RADIUS RFC

In January 1997, the Internet learned to count

Autocomplete a novel phishing hole for Chrome, Safari crims

Hidden forms capture LastPass autofill

You know how cop cars pile into each other in old comedy movies? That's how the Moon was built, say boffins

Moonlets glommed together

Like stealing data from a kid: LA school pays web scum US$28,000 ransom

No chance of data retrieval, experts say

You have the right to be informed: Write to, save El Reg

Reader appealSection 40, Crime and Courts Act 2013, threatens our work for you

Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death dead in latest Windows 10 preview

Turn your PC into a green-eyed monster

NGO to crowdfund legal challenge against Investigatory Powers Act

Armed with EU ruling, Liberty seeks to nix indiscriminate surveillance

Rethink on bank cybersecurity rules might only follow major bank breach, says expert

Banks 'effectively unregulated on cybersecurity'

Reg man howls over HPE Moonshot IoT box

But... but... you're using it... as just another VDI box

Hey Brit Transport Police, your tech supplier has changed ownership

MTI Europe swaps one private equity parent for another

What do you call a firm that leaves customer financials unencrypted on a hard drive? RSA

No really. Insurer's details on 60k people lost forever

Because I'm bad, I'm bad, Shamoon: PC wiper tried to shut down Saudi snapshot defences

Version 2: Sinister malware just got sinistererer

Let's go ARM wrestling with an SEO link spammer

Love your content about muscle! (and a proposal)

Kaminario gets cash for K2 biz flash dash

F-round funding is vote of confidence in its prospects

Citrix buys Unidesk for massive Microsoft Windows rollouts

Clouds, Win 10 and app 'layering'

Snapchat chooses London for international headquarters

Media luvvies and adland the lure

How Apple exploded Europe's crony capitalism

iPhone at 10Jobs dared take on the GSM chumocracy – and won

UK Parliament suddenly remembers it wants to bone up cyber security *cough* Russia *cough*

Well, they did say it was a priority in 2010

EU tosses Europe's cookies... popups

But still really keen on user consent, commish insists

A tale of two conferences: AWS storms ahead, HPE seems to flounder

Discover and re:Invent; infrastructure vs services

Crumbs. Exceedingly good cakes, meat dressing price hike in wake of the Brexit

Mr Kipling and Bisto prices on the up, owner confirms

Virgin surprises market by hopping into bed with BT for MVNO love-in

Best of frenemies

Rackspace enters tipping-point year with newly minted sales chief

Veteran support Racker Cotten takes on global business role

Talena wants to be distributed database data management rock

AnalysisSecond app-aware deduper for distributed databases

Google must be Beaming as Apache announces its new top-level projects

eBay's Eagle monitoring software also soaring with open-source foundation

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file

Also: Edge is foiled by hyperlinks, Windows Server fails at authentication requests, and Microsoft is a $486bn company

This'll be the next thing Trump crows about: Apple assembling servers on American soil

Jobs created, jobs lost – and we're not talking Steve

Oz government on its Centrelink debacle: 'This is fine'

Why stop digging when we've only just started?

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