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6th > January > 2017 Archive

Australia: Stop blaming Centrelink debts on its IT systems

Executives and politicians, not developers, made the rules

Australia telcos warn: Opening metadata access will create a 'honeypot' for lawyers

Government rushing data retention review

Netgear unveils world's easiest bug bounty

Router baron makes break from SOHOpeless device cesspit sporting chained multikill bonus

Switzerland says Uber's an employer, sends social security bill

Surprise: Uber will probably appeal

Insane blackhats behind world's most expensive ransomware 'forget' to backup crypto keys

Only Linux victims can decrypt warped $247,000 BlackEnergy module - and then only maybe

D-Link sucks so much at Internet of Suckage security – US watchdog

Router biz sued by Uncle Sam for hardcoded passwords, exploitable bugs and more

Splunk: Why we dumped Perforce for Atlassian's Bitbucket of Gits

AnalysisPull the other one

5G? Pff, don't bother, says one-time Ofcom man's new book

Book reviewSort out existing mobile networks first, argues Prof William Webb

Routes taken by UK prosecutors over supply of modified TV set-top boxes

AnalysisA conspiracy of one?

Fedora 25: You've got that Wayland feelin', oh, that Wayland feelin'

'Hands down the best desktop Linux distro I tested in 2016'

Slim pickings by the Biggest Loser: A year of fitness wearables

Something for the Weekend, Sir?My little runaway. A run run run run a runaway

Former car rental biz staff gave customers' details to phone pests

Our records show that you ... stop shouting sir

Dodgy dealer on Amazon lures marks towards phishing site

Fall for bait and your money is gone, and that TV never existed

Yep. Bitcasa's called it quits

AnalysisUnderfunded biz knocked out

TCL vows to keep BlackBerry alive

I've been through the desert with a phone with no name

3... 2...1... and 123-Reg hit by DDoSers. Again

UpdatedHappy New Year!

Microsoft goes retro with Vista, Zune-style Windows Neon makeover

You may have seen this before

BOOST! LEGO's computing future and its ground-breaking past

CES 2017You know, for kids (but also, possibly, dads, nerds and life hackers)

WD slims down SSD to squeeze into little Black drive range

Consumer NVMe card treated like internal PC disk transplant

Ransomware sleazeballs target UK schools

This is not a test. The data might be. Hang on... See me after class, Mr Hacker

Cache flush: AI poker bot to compete against top players in tourney

Carnegie Mellon researchers go all-in

CIA director AOL email hacker coughs to crime

Liverman, 24, to be sentenced in May after inking plea deal

Elon's SpaceX gets permission to blow up another satellite or two

FAA clears Musketeers to, fingers crossed, put whole Iridium birds into orbit

That's the way the Cook, he stumbles: Apple CEO pay cut as sales tank

Peak AppleThought you had a bad 2016? The iBoss had to live on a mere $8.7m

Could YOU survive a zombie apocalypse? Uni eggheads say you'd last just 100 days

Model assumes you'd all wave the white flag

FBI let alleged pedo walk free rather than explain how they snared him

'Tor pedo' torpedo torpedoed

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