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20th > December > 2016 Archive

Why don't people secure their IoT gadgets? 'It's not my problem'

Daddy, I want an internet-connected pony ... that someone else can look after

Cops, Feds spaff $100m on Stingray cellphone snooping gear – and there's sod all oversight

Hey so, uh, any chance this is constitutional?

Oi! Linux users! Want some really insecure closed-source software?

Flash for Linux gets first upgrade in four years

Bank IT exec jailed after pleading guilty to taking bribes from ServiceMesh

Australian case will rumble on as CSC chases its former employee in the USA

IBM staff petition for right not to work on Trump's pet projects

Call for Big Blue to double down on diversity, avoid Trump hotels and generally do no evil

Qualcomm joins Xen Project Advisory Board

And comes right out and says why: it wants more ARM-powered servers and clouds

If nbn™ can't say when it will arrive in your street, you're getting a Telstra HFC connection

Network-builder updates 'when will I get NBN' service to explain when services will be available

MH370 hunters call for new search of extra 25,000km2

Drift experiments and new modelling suggests we've been looking in the wrong places

Sports blog jocks to crypto-cash nerds – here's who got pwned

Ethereum, Bleacher Report spill beans on security breaches

Why does Skype only show me from the chin down?

On-callPlus: The story of the mysterious 'Internet Fan' that sped up the web

Evolved DNSChanger malware slings evil ads at PCs, hijacks routers

Software nasty is packed with exploits for vulnerabilities in home broadband boxes

Back up a minute. So you're saying they're buying fewer appliances?

Data backup Domain shrinks as market looks to the sw-defined and public cloud

Technology as a catalyst for cultural change

Time for a more inspirational approach?

HMRC IT cockup misses nearly 1m Scottish taxpayers for devo PAYE letters

Just the start of £20m IT separation plans

Backup Exec console goes AWOL

Latest Windows updates borks Backup Exec console

BT and Plusnet most moaned about broadband providers. Again

This is your captain speaking ... or is it?

UpdatedIn-flight entertainment systems create hacker risk, say researchers

Itchy-fingered OnePlus presses refresh, out pops value champ 3T

Hands-onPricier than its last, but still undercuts Apple and co

EU accuses Facebook of providing incorrect info on WhatsApp buy

Says ability to match FB IDs with WhatsApp ones was there in '14

Zuckerberg turns his home into Creepy Robot Buddy

Behold! The Miracle of Jarvis

Non-existent sex robots already burning holes in men’s pockets

Saddos only? Nope, happily married dudes just as keen apparently

Bad news, fandroids: Mobile banking malware now encrypts files

First Faketoken stole credentials, now it holds data to ransom

BlackBerry sees a rainbow just around a corner

Posts loss, but has $1bn in cash

Swiss defence firm snaps up Brit security outfit Clearswift

RUAG bags its own cyber protection play thing

Kingpin in $1m global bank malware ring gets five years in chokey

Cyber-crim nabbed after he used home IP address to empty victims' accounts

Testing times: Can your crypto-code survive the Google gauntlet?

Mount Wycheproof pinpoints mistakes in software libraries

Ad-slinger Turn caught with its hand in Verizon's 'supercookie' jar

Biz settles to end alleged illegal web stalking gripe

Mangstor discreetly appoints ex-pet supplies shipper as its CEO

+CommentCofounder boss Trevor Smith off 'to pursue other opportunities'

No Soylent for Santa after key ingredient supply is choked off

Toilet pebbledashing not our fault, says TerraVia

China gives America its underwater drone back – with a warning

Should have thrown in a dictionary, too, for Trump

HPE says 3PAR problem that broke Australia was a one-off. Probably

Crack team trying to figure out what went wrong at the tax office

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