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15th > December > 2016 Archive

HPE storage meltdown at Australian Tax Office lost no taxpayer data

But online services were down for days so maybe some tax office data is AWOL

Arista takes a round off Cisco in long-running legal battle

Jury finds similar CLI syntax and manuals don't create Copyright claims

Windows Server 2016's VM migration tools broken by a patch

Good job almost nobody's had time to put it into production

BlackEnergy power plant hackers target Ukrainian banks

Follow the money – they did

Amazon's first live drone delivery flew last week in Cambridge, UK

Beta is available to two customers for now. More coming soon, promise

Bluetooth-enabled safe lock popped after attackers win PINs

If you use one, stop now. If you write heist movies, write safe-crackers out of your script

Security! experts! slam! Yahoo! management! for! using! old! crypto!

AnalysisSuits should have done more to protect users, rather than user numbers

Euro Patent Office staff plead for third time to get rid of Battistelli

Protests erupt again as country representatives meet in Munich

Microsoft's Edge to flush Adobe Flash in Windows 10 Creator’s Update

It looks like you're trying to run Flash: would you rather fire it into the heart of a star?

WINNER! Crush your loved ones at Connect Four this Christmas

Using science to own old-school games

No envy for NVMe: Hardened newbie talks to the Reg

InterviewClaims servers find its array data in an instant

Data use rules set to be loosened under new EU e-Privacy laws - report

WhatsApp, Skype face tighter constraints

Meg Whitman: HPE software's new owner? Kill a product? Never!

... we can easily kill off products ourselves

What’s next after hyperconvergence?

Hyperconverged box humming away nicely? Time to take things up a notch

Violin Memory shares collapse as it files for chapter 11

+CommentShares worth 5 cents and company just $1.5m

Cambridge Wireless picked for's 'Help the IoT' drive

Public dosh given to... what? Actual techies?

'Public Wi-Fi' gang fail in cunning plan to hide £10m cigarette tax fraud

Kreeee-PLONK. Five blokes cop combined 16 years' jail time

Murdoch's 21st Century Fox agrees £18.5bn Sky takeover deal

22 million customers, one old media mogul at the top

Microsoft offers UK cloud customers private pipes

Now, about that uptime...

Kids, look at the Deep Learnings! (We’re just going to slurp your data)

CommentOh, Evernote. What have you done?

Poor software design led to second £1m Army spy drone crash

Thales Watchkeeper WK006 dived itself into Boscombe Down's runway

Red Hat feels the need – the need for OpenStack speed

'This is our moment': Platform 10 lands

Uber to Cali DMV: Back off, pal, our 'self-driving cars' aren't self driving

Upstart defies permit demand, offers autonomous rides in San Francisco

It's now illegal in the US to punish customers for posting bad web reviews

Consumer rights law forbids retaliation for poor scores

FCC chairman confirms he will step down, make way for Trump choice

AnalysisRead our quick review of Tom Wheeler at the helm of the US regulator

Apple ordered to fling some spare change at wireless patent troll

In related news: $7.3m-richer troll wanders into Lamborghini garage...

Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo fit to go: Europe's GPS-like network switches on

More accurate than American system and open to all

Dear hackers, Ubuntu's app crash reporter will happily execute your evil code on a victim's box

To everyone else, get patching

Not OK Google: Tree-loving family turns down Page and pals' $7m

That said: Nearly 10 million bucks for one acre of land? Take it and buy Montana

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