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13th > December > 2016 Archive

US-CERT's top tip: Hack your crap Netgear router before miscreants arrive

Command-injection hole can only be closed by killing web server – or the whole thing

Trump's 140 characters on F-35 wipes $2bn off Lockheed Martin

And seemingly some very odd stock movement before tweet sent

Icelandic Pirate Party sails away from attempt to form government

Can any of ye scurvy dogs find 33 votes, asks increasingly frustrated president

P0wnographer finds remote code exec bug in McAfee enterprise

This one ticks all the boxes: Runs as root ✔ Claims security ✔ Unpopular product with few updates ✔

Cisco to kill its Intercloud public cloud on March 31, 2017

Snuffing OpenStack cloud means it's all hybrid cloud and network function virtualisation from now on at Switchzilla

Monitor Nutanix from System Center? What strange magic is this?

API magic, that's what, with a little help from Comtrade

VMware starts beta for Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air

Soundtrack choices: Beta The Devil You Know, or How Soon Is Now?

HPE 3PAR storage SNAFU takes Australian Tax Office offline

Sources tell of 10-hour data wiping disaster recovery plan after unique collapse

Dell trips over US sanctions by selling PCs to Iranian embassies

Can someone tell The Donald it 'fessed up ASAP and cancelled support contracts?

AWS launches managed-services-as-a-service

Cloud concern ITIL-ises the big end of town, so created a service to get them moving

Samsung revival hamstrung by 2014 Google deal – analyst

Sammy can't stand out from the crowd because of non-compete pact

Meet – the terminal written in HTML, JS and CSS

Run Bash on Windows and perform other feats of command line magic

Samsung SmartCam: Yes, those eyes really are following you around the room

ReviewA great camera let down by buggy software

Is your Windows 10, 8 PC falling off the 'net? Microsoft doesn't care

UpdatedEmbarrassed Redmond keeps mum on how it managed to break DHCP

It's a ratchet: Old storage guard face incoming tech squeeze

AnalysisTech efficiency threatens to clobber old timers

No strings attached: Violin cuts CEO’s salary

Restructuring could be over by end of Feb next year

EU dings Sony, Panasonic over rechargeable battery cartel

Supergrass Samsung walks free

Well, well. Auditors say UK govt procurement body hasn't saved your tax cash

What is it 741 people do exactly?

Europe to launch legal action against countries over diesel emissions cheating

UK, Germany, Greece and others rapped for not acting on evidence

Major outage at broadband biz 186k

We can't give you what you need right now...

Job cuts, falling sales and now a mega pension deficit at RM

Hole in retirement pot widens to £35m, remains 'fly in ointment' for investors

SpaceX delays manned Dragon capsule launch

Setback follows Falcon 9 explosion

TalkTalk hacker gets iPhone taken away by Norwich Youth Court

Unnamed teen also gets rehabilitation order

Bill Gates joins $170bn climate change investment club

Clean tech on the list

Symantec sets legal wolves upon Zscaler

Alleges patent infringements by ... hang on, they work together?

Microsoft skates over Surface Hub sales data

Multi-touch screen claims

Cloudy file-sharing cash rains onto Nasuni

Growth priority causes delayed cash flow break-even gratification

NEC mentions it has a high-end dedupe disk backup box, stretches, yawns for 40 seconds

AnalysisWe don't like to brag or anything, mumbles IT giant

Apple ordered to cough up $2m to store workers after denying rest breaks

Now, each of you, take this check for $95 and get the hell out of my sight

Rift rift assists swift shift at crest of adrift Occulus

CEO Brendan Iribe steps down from the top – was he pushed or did he jump?

Cuckoo! Google settles into Nest, starts folding dev platform

And Brillo becomes Android Things

Snowden: Donald Trump could get pal Putin to kick me out of Russia

Ex-NSA geek is trying not to let extradition possibility worry him

Pre-rolled stripped, hardened Copperhead Androids hit Oz, NZ

Flash for free or pick up a Nexus that's ready to roll

If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told

Or smut in South Dakota, Anarchist Cookbook in Alabama or Windows 10 in Wyoming

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