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12th > December > 2016 Archive

VMware releases 'not cool, but very useful' integrated containers

Virtzilla embraces Docker with open source vSphere extensions

Germany warns Moscow will splash cash on pre-election propaganda and misinformation spree

Top security agency issues warning ahead of 2017 poll

IBM has an on-prem cloud it thinks can go big in Asia

'Bluemix local' does the 'turn your pile of x86 into a cloud' thing, complete with PAYG

Melbourne hacker adds padding oracle to free popular hacker course

PentesterLab chomps crypto

Arista: We only violated two out of six patents that Cisco contested!

Cisco: Arista are villains with form and we will crush them beneath the weight of the law

Microsoft Edge's malware alerts can be faked, researcher says

Fiddle with a URL and you can pop up and tell users to do anything

ESA to try tank-to-tank fuel switch on sat that wasn't designed to do it

XMM-Newton X-ray telescope has enough fuel to keep going, if the juice can be loosed

Microsoft announces 16 years of support for Windows, SQL Servers

New 'Premium Assurance' plan extends support by six years, means Windows Server 2008 R2 will live until 2026

Top tech company's IP was looted by China, so it plans to hack back

360° Cyber Security Game'What are our options?' Prime Minister asks The Reg

Let's talk about NVMe, let's talk to Dell EMC: Let's talk about $1bn baby DSSD

InterviewEcosystem's maturation will provide D5 springboard next year has outsourced tech policy to Ofcom because it is clueless – SNP techie

Says IP Act and data-sharing bit in Digital Economy bill could create 'world of pain'

Remember that brightest supernova ever seen? It wasn't one

Just a star being ripped apart by a black hole

PAC chair: Who's naughty or nice? The 3 IT mega projects that had better watch out

'We still have a supplier oligopoly'

Someone just chucked another $21 million at carbon nanotube memory techies

Nantero’s NRAM crowd's tech has already been licensed

DDoS script kiddies are also... actual kiddies, Europol arrests reveal

Young 'uns hire tools to hit infrastructure, info systems

Pluck-over-success underdog hires Olympic ski jumper as Xmas bash speaker

IBM asks Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards to inspire channel

Higher tech prices ARE here to stay. It's Mr Farage's new Britain

UK print services giant tells customers 'we can't absorb' Brexflation any longer

Military reservist bemoans frost-bitten baby-maker on Antarctic trek

Today we learned there was such a thing as polar penis. All in the name of charidee

BT's hiring! 500 more customer service folk to answer your angry calls

Engineers? That's crazy talk!

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP

Virgin Media, Proximus also raise alarm on broken DHCP

Sights of the Realm: Mobile app DB hooks up with IBM Watson for image, text, face recog

And the code's on GitHub

Look out, Brussels: Google's moving the goalposts, barks price comparison rival

Paid ads and search? Go compare, says Foundem

Dell EMC shakes products biz like a snow globe

Core groups reorganized in a winter flurry

Kentucky pried chicken: Fried grease chain's loyalty club hacked

Not so finger-lookin' good now are we, Colonel Sanders?

CoreOS debuts 'self-driving' Kubernetes

Tectonic software shifts to free for up to 10 nodes

Beancounter nicks $5m from bosses, blows $1m on fantasy babe Kate Upton's mobe game

So that's how Game of War can afford her

CIA: Russia hacked election. Trump: I don't believe it! FAKE NEWS!

US senators demand top probe before Electoral College vote

Men! If you want to win at board games this Christmas, turn off the rock music – scientists

Blokes are worse at playing while listening to heavy metal

Nice NBN rival you built there. What a shame if someone taxed it

Government wants $7/month levy on broadband to fund loss-making services in the bush

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