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7th > December > 2016 Archive

Big Blue's Bluemix bellows 'We do DevOps too!' until blue in face

IBM adds deployment and testing toolchain templates

Broadcom quietly dismantles its 'Vulcan' ARM server chip project

Avago refuses to beam 64-bit CPU aboard, sources claim

Open source Roundcube webmail can be attacked ... by sending it an e-mail

The Fifth Element is a problem - the input argument that didn't get checked is an RCE hole

Android, Qualcomm move on insecure GPS almanac downloads

HTTPS? They've heard of it

Big Switch takes big bet it can beat off big denial of service attacks

Yuge attacks. The best attacks. Terabit-scale attacks from internet things

Brocade ships switches but makes most noise about DevOps

Goodbye drudgery - now you can script up your networking business workflows

Two top EMCers bail from Dell EMC

Official line is they want to be CEOs elsewhere. Or is the culture change chafing?

Microsoft says LinkedIn will make Trump, Brexit, voters feel great again

We can't make this stuff up – Microsoft said this after Europe okayed its LinkedIn acquisition

Cloud Velox sends advance parties to make the cloud feel like home

Network lifter-and-shifter automates cloud migrations

Uber is watching your smartphone's battery charge

Browser vendors' Battery API deprecation can't come soon enough

Crims using anti-virus exclusion lists to send malware to where it can do most damage

When vendors tell you what to whitelist, crims are reading too

Firmware freakout sends Epson Wi-Fi printers into reboot loop

Have you tried not turning it off and on again?

China and Russia aren't ready to go it alone on tech, but their threats are worryingly plausible

FeatureVendors caught between risks and fear of missing out on growth markets

I was a robot and this is what I learned

Sysadmin blogThe internet of me

Russia's bid for mobile self-sufficiency may be the saviour of Sailfish

CommentComrades: We present your official alternative to Android

HMS Illustrious sets sail for scrapyard after last-ditch bid fails

UpdatedVenerable aircraft carrier makes her final journey

So, who is the cluster bomb? Student results sliced, diced, analysed

HPC BlogAnd maybe over-analysed too

Privacy is theft! Dave Eggers' big-screen takedown of Google and Facebook emerges

Resistance is futile

Brit telco EE's ads banned for 'misleading' 4G speed claims

More prominent evidence needed to back up claims of 75% faster speeds than rivals

What can we use to hit Intel between the eyes, thinks Qualcomm – a 10nm ARM server chip

Centriq 2400 now sampling, due to beat Chipzilla by a year

Information on smart meters? Yep. They're great. That works, right? –

Interesting response to 'lack of clarity' on details moan

Everything at Apple Watch is awesome, insists Tim Cook

... after Moto gives the wrist a rest

Burning desire helped us collar arson suspect, claim Danish cops

'DNA' evidence used to track suspect on trial this week

IDC shock prediction: Someone might build Skynet in next few years

Tech's Mystic Megs also say robotics market will expand. No shit, Sherlock

Are you listening, Mr Trump? World's largest tech distie is now owned by the Chinese

Delayed transaction of US-HQ'd Ingram Micro gets regulatory approval

Sage evaluates sale of North American payments biz

A nice little 'underperformer', apparently

Speaking in Tech: Did an open source guru just ask us to join Amazon?

PodcastWe must have misheard... Plus - a Windows 10 Xmas

Crims turn to phishing-as-a-service to slash costs and max profits

So says Imperva after trolling the dark web

Fitbit picks up Pebble, throws Pebble as far as it can into the sea

Smartwatch market down by one

Don't have a Dirty COW, man: Android gets full kernel hijack patch

Meanwhile, another nasty Linux bug surfaces

$17k win for man falsely accused of a terrible crime: Downloading an Adam Sandler movie

That's for his legal bills and court costs – not defamation

NASA spunks $127m on SSL-powered robot to refuel satellites in space

That's not the SSL you're thinking of

Oz gummint's 'open government' strategy arrives at last

The good, the bad, and the Ctl-C, Ctl-V

Could this be you? Really Offensive Security Engineer sought by Facebook

'Here's your new password, champ – GoF*!#Urs3lf'

Sigh... 'Hundreds of thousands' of... sigh, web CCTV cams still at risk of... sigh, hijacking

VidIt's been two years and no patches, say researchers

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