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6th > December > 2016 Archive

Nutanix finds Waters flows away

New corporate marketing head joins hyper-converged box and software shifter

Vocus to build Singapore-Australia submarine cable

40Tbps link should see first light in late 2018

Engineers say safety features got squished out of cramped Samsung Note 7

Overpacked handset was putting too much pressure on battery

Microsoft boffins think VR visions will rival drugs by 2027

No more search boxes, no work benefits, and your social value will be your data trail

Cassini tickles Saturn's rings ahead of final death plunge

September set for point of no return

1.4bn records from HaveIBeenPwned offered for your analytical pleasure

Troy Hunt's Christmas trove is a splendid gift for security and data nerds

Arista CloudVision Portal bug revealed, plus evidence it's been used

You know the drill: face-palm, download, patch, grumble about state of security, relax

Printer security is so bad HP Inc will sell you services to fix it

Finally, FINALLY, someone is turning off Telnet and FTP

Online advent calendar offers mystery VM every day until Christmas

QEMU serves up festive feast of OS images and oddities like Forth scripts

Apple Watch sales go over a cliff: Down 2.8 meellion per quarter in a year

If a wearable does much more than measure your pulse, it hardly has a pulse

Standards body warned SMS 2FA is insecure and nobody listened

Duo Security says NIST's advice to deprecate out-of-band passwords has been ignored

Software can be more secure, says NIST, and we think we know how

Standards org's wish-list probably looks a bit like yours

In the three years since IETF said pervasive monitoring is an attack, what's changed?

FeatureIETF Security director Stephen Farrell offers a report card on evolving defences

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube team to ID terror content

Hash-sharing pact will help them ID violent extremism you see it

The UK's Investigatory Powers Act allows the State to tell lies in court

AnalysisEnshrining parallel construction in English law

Don't cut yourself on that Edge: Nexenta containerises DevOps

Please contain your excitement

NASA's hyperwall wonderwall uses virtual flash SAN

Case studyDistributed NVMe SAN solves slow off-node access latency issues

Stung by Dynamics 365 hike? Microsoft has a deal for you... just don't expect much

Transitional agreements rolled for CRM subscribers

Sony kills off secret backdoor in 80 internet-connected CCTV models

Magic 'secret key' HTTP request opens up admin control

Own goal for Scottish Football Association as fans sent phishy emails

Body in lochdown after 'breach at third-party supplier'

The future of the data centre is within

PromoLocation, location, location

Going underground: The Royal Mail's great London train squeeze

Geek's Guide to BritainUber cars, Amazon drones? Pah! Driverless deliveries from a different age

Ofcom fleshes out plans to open up BT's ducts and poles

Come lay your fibre in BT's pipes, says regulator

New British flying robot killer death machines renamed 'Protector'

'Reaper' and 'Predator' were too aggressive ... apparently

Hackers actively stealing Wi-Fi keys from vulnerable routers

Still using the password from the back of the router? Oops!

SimpliVity does meet-in-the-channel type deal with Huawei

Huawei hyper-converged infrastructure appliances running SimpliVity software.

England OUT (of Euro 2016, not the EU) tops Twitter year

How to record it

We grill another storage startup that's meshing about with NVMe

InterviewSays virtual NVMe-based SAN beats shared NVMe drive aaray

Veritas lays off a third of its sales staff – merry Christmas, everyone!

Let's hope it protects your information better than it protects its own jobs

Algorithm advance alleviates AI amnesia

AnalysisDid you know machine-learning systems are pretty forgetful when picking up new skills? Here's how to fix it

US Supreme Court slashes Samsung's patent payout to Apple

UpdateNever-ending phone design suit takes yet another turn – $400m check to be reduced

cat Infinit.tgz | docker import - Infinit:acquired

Paris biz gobbled, 'batteries' for distributed storage to be included with Docker containers

Robotics is coming on leaps and bounds – literally: Bushbaby bot most vertically agile yet

US Army backs droid for search and rescue missions

Verizon flogs off 29 data centers, pockets $3.6bn

Equinix takes over bit-barns as telco shifts focus to wireless and fiber

Wannabe Cali governor gives up against beach-blocking billionaire VC

Gavin Newsom pleads with Vinod Khosla to end dispute over much-loved shoreline

Australia's universal telco service obligation's day is done

Productivity Commission wonders just what Telstra is doing with the AU$3bn it's being paid to put phones everywhere

Erasure coding startup springs forth from Silicon Fjord

AnalysisViking raider's longboat filled with erasure codes

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