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5th > December > 2016 Archive

Linus Torvalds finds 163 reasons to wait a week for a new Linux

Kernel devs weren't quiet enough so the world has Linux 4.9 rc8 to consider

Cyanogen parts ways with its founder

'Consolidation' plan will shutter one office but is hoped to unify dev team

IoT camera crew Titathink tells Reg it'll patch GET bug in a week

Apologises for 'serious mistake' in older kit, says latest things are secure

Elon Musk-backed OpenAI reveals Universe – a universal training ground for computers

Reinforcement learning environment hosts virtualized video games and more

Apple again late to another market others pioneered. Or is it?

Cupertino's ambitions to apply machine learning to transportation revealed in letter

Take that, creationists: Boffins witness birth of new species in the lab

Another nail in the coffins of the anti-evolution crowd

Guessing valid credit card numbers in six seconds? Priceless

Brit researchers find a way to figure out VISA card numbers just by going shopping

Beardy Branson's space bird spreads its wings

SpaceShipTwo passes first glide test since 2014 tragedy

What's in Hammond's box? Autumn fallout for Britain's tech SMBs

Cash to update 'antiquated network infrastructure'

US election pollsters weren't (very) wrong – statistically speaking

Media open season on prediction number crunchers

DDN claims burst buffer bashes 'past 1TB/sec bandwidth'

Japanese superdupercomputer kept fed with data by burst buffer beast

Watch your back, Netflix: Viu on track for 10 million subs next year

AnalysisiFlix, Viu flicks – they're all coming for Netflix

Citizens Advice slams 'unfair' broadband compensation scheme

Suppliers get automatic recompense, punters get nowt

BlackBerry's final QWERTY floats past the rumour mill

What took you so long?

Team Trump snubs Big Internet oligarchs

Economic forum shuns Zuck, Google, but finds seat for IBM

Sigfox IPO? Um, sure! 2017, 2018, whenever, we'll definitely do it

Funding target missed, potential IPO date slips right

HPE launches two-pronged attack on hyper-converged market

AnalysisHC 250? HC 380? What are they actually for?

In EU, Veritas: Post-Symantec firm flogs data protection 'safety' to biz

Free, free at last and with new software to boot

Yorkshire cyber security biz ECSC Group to debut on AIM exchange

These breaches ain't bad for business...

Local TV presenter shouted 'f*cking hell' to open news bulletin

Newcastle firm takes rap on knuckles from Ofcom

AWS is coming for UK infrastructure suppliers' lunch – report

Even Google will have trouble hanging on to its sandwich

Micron wheels out 'highest density' SATA SSD on the market

+Comment3D TLC latecomer catches up

BAE Systems' autonomous research aircraft flies itself to Scotland

Demonstrator dusted off, but will people trust it?

Datrium: $55m burning hole in its pocket and raring to go global

Open convergence guys make mad dash for growth

US axes $722m takeover of chip biz by Chinese investors. Thanks, Obama!

National security fears spark executive order

If your smart home gear hasn't updated recently, throw it in the trash

Paul Vixie on how to survive the impending IoT security nightmare

Hollow, world! Netflix premieres Java in-memory database toolkit

Store modestly sized databases locally and avoid cache maintenance

Bloke sold cash register code to restaurants that deliberately hid sales from taxmen

Now he's coughing up $3.5m after POS POS crackdown

CloudFlare warns of another massive botnet, er, flaring up

DDoS attacks on the horizon as White House cybersecurity report issues recommendations

Canada asks citizens: How would you like us to spy on you?

Le Canada demande aux citoyens: Comment aimeriez-vous que nous vous espionnions?

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