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29th > November > 2016 Archive

Behold, your next billion dollar market: The humble Ethernet cable

Wired: Fiber, copper networks. Tired: Flimsy Wi-Fi. Expired: Smoke signals, carrier pigeon

If you have a problem, if no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you can hire DARPA's A-Teams

AI pity the fool

Inside Android's source code... // TODO – Finish file encryption later

Android 7.0's crypto sauce is 'half-baked' and Google promises to make it better, soon

Netflix and spill: Web vid giant kills password masking in tests

Now your date will know your passphrase is hunter2

Cisco stre...tches vulnerability disclosure timeline out to 90 days

Big vendors patch bugs nearly as quick as open source coders

AWS milking its cattle to herd code into an updated Chalice

Serverless framework inches towards cloud-ready code

Hackers crack Liechtenstein banks, demand ransoms

Tiny country creates yuuge problems as crims threaten to expose 'tax evasion'

Adblock again beats publishers' Adblock-blocking attempts

Hamburg court upholds individuals' right to block ads

Liquidware gets the job of managing Amazon's cloud desktops

AWS has realised that desktop-as-a-service fleets need management too

OVH's northern customers offered steamy southern summer holiday

Bit barn lights are blinking in Singapore and Australia,
for members only

A Rowhammer ban-hammer for all, and it's all in software

Sorry to go all MC Hammer on you, but boffins tell bit-flippers 'you can't touch this'

RIP HPE's The Machine product, 2014-2016: We hardly knew ye

Remains of lab experiment, including ReRAM, will be scattered into future gear

Google's Chromecast Audio busted BT home routers – now it has a fix

Step one, connect the Chromecast to your broadband modem and… oh… hmm

New Euro-net will let you stream Snakes on a Plane on a *!#@ plane

First flight test of combined satellite and LTE broadband made all the right conections

Ofcom to force a legal separation of Openreach

Regulator 'disappointed' in BT's own voluntary proposals

50 years on, the Soviet-era Soyuz rocket is still our favorite space truck

SpaceX has a few things to learn from the old masters

Double-DIMMed XPoint wastes sockets

AnalysisIt makes me cross

R3 four flew: What's driving banks to flee blockchain consortium?

AnalysisToo big to fail or too big to work?

Confirmation of who constitutes average whisky consumer helps resolve dispute

Reasonably well informed, reasonably observant ... average

Scality reinvents the RING, adds extra Amazon S3 polish

Software-flinger improves security, integration with v6.4

Bletchley Park Trust vows to shore up insecure website

Security boffin blasts caretakers of Alan Turing's legacy

Huawei Mate 9: The Note you've been waiting for?

Hands OnIt doesn't explode. But is it really in the Samsung Galaxy class?

HPE getting long-term archives taped

Spectrum of products extended upwards to TFinity

Vegans furious as Bank of England admits ‘trace’ of animal fat in £5 notes

New plastic banknotes aren't going down well with the protein-challenged

Student clusterers blow off steam with VR space shooter at SUSE booth

HPC BlogStay tuned for the final results

Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen

IPBillYour homes may be your castles, but your browsing histories belong to

UK Parliament waves through 'porn-blocking' Digital Economy Bill

Up to the House of Lords now...

K2 promises faster data avalanche with NVMe drives

InterviewKaminario claims you need scale-up and scale-out for full fabric access benefits

Oh no, software has bugs, we need antivirus. Oh no, bug-squasher has bugs, we need ...

Secunia report on treadmill of security software pain

HPE: We're 'opening floodgates' for Synergy orders... a year after launch

Injects Helion CloudSystem 10, confirms tech extensions to hyper-converged systems

Heard of Brexit? The UK vows to join Europe’s Patent Titanic

CommentIPO misses the moment

HPE: Keep cool, cloud peeps. Store hot data in on-premises flash

Sets out 3PAR lures to stop hot data going to AWS, Azure

Give BAE a kicking and flog off new UK warships, says review

Buy them, run them in and then sell them, says Sir John Parker is still not functioning properly for some Microsoft punters

It ain't no thang... only 'a small percentage' of 'hundreds of millions' affected...

Internet Archive preps Canadian safe haven to swerve Donald Trump

Asking for donations to head north

Ommm... devs, align your Chakra, whispers Microsoft, you don't need Google's V8...

Relax, sit up straight, run your Node.js on our engine

ExoMars probe snaps photos of your next dystopian home world when Earth goes to crap

VideoYup, it's still there and lifeless as ever before

Doctor AI will see you now: US military vets will be diagnosed by deep-learning bots

Thank you for your service... bleeped the computer

Another Canadian uni hit by ransomware, students told to keep Windows PCs away

Network crippled by extortion software nasty

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