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25th > November > 2016 Archive

Mozilla hackers audit cURL file transfer toolkit, give it a tick for security

Four remote code execution holes patched along the way

IBM pays up after 'clearly failing' DDoS protection for Australia's #censusfail

Two reports suggest this is what happens when government agencies hollow out

Dell plotting something touchy-feely on 'Canvas'

Files trademarks for 'interactive touch screen computer interfaces'

Azure's basic instances level up and gain new naming scheme

It looks a lot like Redmond has new servers with faster disks on tap

Airbus flies new plane for the first time

A350-1000 takes off into competition with Boeing's 777

Sysadmin denies boss's request to whitelist smut talk site of which he was a very happy member

On-CallReader says he wanted to keep his boss, and company, safe from scammers

Poison .JPG spreading ransomware through Facebook Messenger

Cick-to-self-p0wn attack sneaks Locky ransomware past Zuck's security model

Uncanny hacks-men to attend special school in grand country home

Bletchley Park to house student codebreakers after £5m refurb

Integrator fired chap for hiding drugs conviction, told to pay compo for violating his rights

Microsoft specialist made human rights complaint

Here's the thing: We've pressed pause on my startup

RadbotIt hasn't ceased to be... but crowdfunding? Not happening

Small ISPs 'probably' won't receive data retention order following IP Bill

Unless they do...

You want SaaS? Don't bother, darling, your kind can't afford it

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Perhaps if we club together, we could

2.1Gbps speeds over LTE? That's not a typo, EE's already done it

MBBF2016Before you get excited, there is a snag...

Drops the mic... Hang on, hackers could be listening through my headphones?

RealTek codec vuln can switch speakers from output to input

BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample

Episode 14Cherry-pickin'? You darn tootin!

Hello, SAN-shine. You and NVMe are going to have a little chinwag

AnalysisEl Reg chats to Nimble man about coming wave of NVMe adoption

Sharing's caring? Not when you spread data across gov willy-nilly

Digital Economy BillPrivacy campaigners against personal data sharing plans

Black Friday: Cashback site Quidco goes TITSUP* on payday

Stop: drop your shop

EU puts out prescription for smart hospitals

IoT would be great for healthcare... if it wasn't so damn insecure

Build-a-cluster students conjugate gradients for science and glory

HPC BlogIntrepid clusterers tackle a new(ish) benchmark

HDS kicks flash array baby out of pram

HFS A-Series given pink slip, told to walk the plank

London cops' tech slammed for failing abused kids – report

HMIC also hits cops for shrugging off responsibility for 'streetwise' children

I'm not having a VMware moment – there's just something in my eye

AnalysisSAP veep on 2U, 24-drive, NVMe storage boxes

Grand App Auto: Tesla smartphone hack can track, locate, unlock, and start cars

Musk's lot better get on this

Have some sympathy for the AT&T devil

AnalysisOh boo, cellular operators are hurting. Nobody hurts operators better than us

Three certainties in life: Death, taxes and the speed of light – wait no, maybe not that last one

Einstein was wrong, reignited theory suggests

San Francisco's sinking luxury Millennium Tower: Tilt spotted FROM SPACE

Alternative headline: Euro sats monitor surface changes 'down to the millimetre'

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