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WordPress auto-update server had flaw allowing anyone to add anything to websites worldwide

About 27 per cent of the entire WWW at risk, we're told

FYI: The FBI is being awfully evasive about its fresh cyber-spy powers

Agents want to hack suspected Tor, VPN users at will – no big deal

Twitter bans own CEO Jack Dorsey from Twitter

2016 keeps on giving

Snail mail thieves feed international identity theft rings say Oz cops

A little bit of social engineering, a little bit of lax physical security and a whole lot of pain

Credit cards ripped from Madison Square Garden venues in year-long op

No word on number of cards stolen in physical breach.

HPE's first standalone year ticks most boxes – except Donald Trump's

More jobs going, or going offshore, even if cash stash comes home tax-free

Dell EMC's Pure-crushing benchmarks are flawed, says, er, Pure

Lies, damn lies, and performance test results

Signal security revealed: A triple-Diffie-Hellman with a double ratchet

Secure messaging app invites you to dive in and figure out if it's done anything wrong

It's time: Patch Network Time Protocol before it loses track of time

Synchronise your watches before someone exploits DDOS bug, or nine other nasties

It's a nice day for a Net wedding: Macom buys Applied Micro Circuits

US$770 MEELLION union will spawn networking suite for fibred-up data centres

Telegram API ransomware wrecked three weeks after launch

Crypto so bad that getting around it is shooting fish in a barrel

Not fake news: Facebook reinvents SVG

Keyframes lets mobile devs slim their Adobe After Effects animations for apps

HP Inc CEO Dion: Whey-hey, we're on the pull

Cunning plan, allegedly, to cut costs when dealing with resellers

Samsung fires $70m at quantum televisions

Acquisition of semiconducting nanoparticle outfit feeds into next-gen screen research

Euro Patent office staff call again for King Battistelli regicide

While sacked union leader asks for documents to be released

2016. AI boffins picked a hell of a year to train a neural net by making it watch the news

Lipreading software must think us humans are maniacs

Reg man 0: Japanese electronic toilet 1

RotMTechnology and tinkles should not ever be mixed

Gov's industrial strategy: 'Look, we've changed the words above our door'

AnalysisAny rabbits in Hammond's hat, or just a dead dove?

HTC and OnePlus spruce up flagships for Santa's sack

Time for the ol' mid-year refresh

Stay out of my server room!

Sysadmin blogThis is for computers, not your reams of paper!

Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues

Fix completed, says Redmond, it's just being deployed...

Deliver-oops! Takeaway pusher's customers burger-ed by hijackers

Baddies stole food, not credit card data, protests firm

Microsoft's nerd goggles will run on a toaster

640KB? Enough for anyone

Obama awards honours to Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton for computing contributions

US pres also gives daps to Gateses for $36bn charity toss

Surprise, surprise. BT the only Universal Service Obligation provider in town

Ofcom also hints at deadlock with former monopoly regarding legal separation

AWS to launch Aurora service for PostgreSQL at re:Invent – report

Juicy tidbits of what's to come ahead of user conference

Fibre pushers get UK budget tax reprieve

No business rate tax for pure fibre for next five years

Comcast is the honey badger of ISPs – injects pop-ups into browsers, doesn't give a fsck

Nothing to see here. Move along

HPE core servers and storage under pressure

Public cloud and Huawei cited among culprits

Sorry, iPhone fans – only Fandroids get Barclays' tap-to-withdraw

It's only a test

Visa cries foul over Euro regulator's stronger authentication demands

No more 5-second checkouts

USS Zumwalt gets Panama tug job after yet another breakdown

Navy's $4.4bn next-gen destroyer might make it to home port one day

Hey techbros, make an airplane mode but for driving for your apps – US traffic watchdog

Technology industry already hitting the brakes on distracted driver push

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