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21st > November > 2016 Archive

D-Link joins hands with Microsoft to give 'Super Wi-Fi' a push

802.11af finds a friend

Hacker dishes advanced phishing kit to hook clever staff in 10 mins

KiwiconEverything you need to land a bigwig, with surprisingly little effort

NASA trying to rein in next-generation super-heavy lifter costs

President Trump wants such great rockets. Yuuge rockets. The best for Moon shots

Going shopping for a BSOD? We've found 'em in store at M&S

PLUS: A reader spots a Timex Sinclair 1000 in the wild

Forget 'shadow IT' – it's 'self-starting IT' now

POLLSo says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. Do you have a better term?

Qualcomm now offering US$15k for security bugs

Snapdragon processors, modems first on the bounty list

Linux 4.9 has 'issues that just shouldn't be issues'. Or might not

Linus Torvalds both is and isn't worried about progress towards next release

Amazon's Netflix-gnasher to hit top gear In December

Clarkson & Pals' Grand Tour will stream into 200 nations before Christmas

Hackers electrocute selves in quest to turn secure doors inside out

Kiwicon'Please dont tell my wife about this' says one, as arcs thrill Kiwi crowds

Microsoft kindly offers VMware-to-Azure backup

'Back up the whole data centre just by connecting to vCenter!' but it's no Virtzilla-killer

Put down the org chart, snowflake: Why largile's for management crybabies

If 'the process' is still 'the process', you're doing it wrong

Ofcom slaps ban on BT/EE 4G spectrum bid

Not the 30% overall cap Three wanted

US telecoms industry weighs up the Trump effect

CommentVague net neut vows... trade tariffs – what's keeping telcos up at night?

Puppet pulls in (almost) former Cisco exec to head EMEA

Perches itself between Jack the Ripper territory and the City

Barnet Council: Outsourcing deal with Capita has 'performance issues'

But we've saved a whole wedge of cash

Kids' Hour of Code turns into a giant corporate infomercial for kids

Drain the swamp, urges education tsar

Open sesame: Alibaba to open its first data centre in Europe

Picks Germany over Blighty in deal with Vodafone

Apple offers drained iPhone 6s users... a free battery

Mystery draw and shutdown no more

Symantec doubles down on consumer security by buying LifeLock

Bid to mitigate damage in face of declining anti-virus sales

Continuous Lifecycle 2017: Ten days to tell us how DevOps really works

Tell us your DevOps, Agile, CD and Container stories

China cites Trump to justify ‘fake news’ media clampdown. Surprised?

CommentSolution? We need to build a Wall

UK PM Theresa May's £2bn in R&D still a drop in the ocean

Increases proportion of spend from around 0.5% of GDP to, er, 0.6%

Facebook to hire 500 more in Blighty

UK is great to do biz in! But not as good as Ireland, obvs

Fancy a wee quasi-DRAM? Supermicro bulks up server memory

Memory-intensive apps drive adoption of storage-class memory

Flash? Nu-uh. Seagate nibbles on tiny slice of SSD pie

But world SSD shipments up 46%, 128-layer 3D incoming

Alternative Networks joins Daisy chain gang: Hungry rival snaps it up for £165m

Embiggens itself by one-quarter

Dyn Dyn Dyn – we have a buyer: Oracle gobbles Internet of Things DDoS victim

Scoops up Twitter with A-list DNS customer list

Bulldozers, sportsters, bangers: Rack your brains, HPC kids

HPC BlogFPGAs join tussle and GPUs back with vengeance at SC16

Wikibon invokes the old gods to make six tech predictions for 2017

Consumer volume driving ARM and OpenCAPI forward, and its lack hobbling XPoint

Even big data devs make big data security gaffes

Apache Big Data EuropeIs that a useful tool or a compromised .exe? Only one way to find out, apparently

Microsoft plans St Valentine's Day massacre for SHA‑1

End of the line for weak hash as web giants finally act

Arista cats escape US quarantine, for now: Customs says it's OK to import networking gear

EOS 4.16 and later isn't infringing Cisco patents, according to officials

Trump hires very best, greatest net neut haters to head FCC transition

It's goodbye Google – and hello fresh faces from Verizon, Sprint

Surprise! Another insecure web-connected CCTV cam needs fixing

Siemens firmware emits admin login details to anyone who asks nicely

NBN costs creating budget time bomb: Deloitte

'Fifty billion? Tell 'em they're dreaming, son'

International Space Station celebrates 18th birthday in true style – by setting trash on fire

Meanwhile, crew welcomes oldest woman astronaut aboard

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