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17th > November > 2016 Archive

Cisco: Revenues are flat, profits are down, and we're not changing our plan

Switchzilla vows to stay the course in cloud n' security push

Google's neural network learns to translate languages it hasn't been trained on

First time machine translation has used true transfer learning

Nest Cam: A compelling piece of hardware-software

ReviewThe smart home Spotify has arrived

Physicists have built the world's fastest quantum simulator

Atomic level inquiry

Antivirus tools are a useless box-ticking exercise says Google security chap

KiwiconAdvocates whitelists and other tools that 'genuinely help' security

Qualcomm asks for US ban on 'infringing' smartmobes

Cheap-and-cheerful Chinese vendors aren't paying their dues

Telecoms Ombudsman praises nbn™ for growing connections faster than complaints

But nbn™ is now the most complained-about-telco, as a percentage of connections

'Post-truth' beats 'chatbot' to Word of the Year Crown

Oxford Dictionaries' 2016 choice should make 'alt-right' 'Brexiteers' feel 'hygge'

Searching for 'Fatty Kim the Third' banned on Chinese social media

Fatty who? That's North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un to the rest of us

Long-distance Asian internet hookups are now faster then ever

We're talking about the new Facebook-funded APG submarine cable. Not that

PoisonTap fools your PC into thinking the whole internet lives in an rPi

DHCP has to be trusted, so this isn't trivial to block

Curb your enthusiasm, 'India's smartphones are changing the world' fans

First 30-million smartmobe quarter ever just happened, but feature phones still sell more

'G' is for 'Google' and 'GPU' and 'gaining on other clouds'

Yet another cloud workstation hits the market, plus some grunt for artificial braniacs

Hacker's Mac pwning expedition: 'Help, I've got too many shells!'

KiwiconHacked hack's Mac yaps, Nest cam slapped

Facebook 'fesses up to fudged ad metrics … again

Social Network™ messed up counts of the stuff advertisers and publishers love

Dropbox upgrade adds nice bits for sysadmins

POPs dropped into DCs for better performance and local peering

Everest outage was caused by split brains

UpdatedBit barn says routers in stack ran different software versions

KCL staff offered emotional support, clergy chat to help get over data loss


Has Linux got OpenStack licked? The Vanilla 'Plus' strategy

Days of froth and noise inside the big tent are over

NVMe SSD? Not yet, says Pure, but promises to deliver it

FlashArray//M customers will get souped-up protocol

Facebook Telecom Infrastructure Project starts chucking rocks at mobile model

AnalysisTargets the heart of the network

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity

Opinion$10bn scheme not at all unrealistic *cough* Hyperloop *cough*

NetApp's regeneration could be deep surgery or anti-wrinkle cream

Declining funds and staff but growing flash revenues

Qualcomm taps Samsung to make next-gen 10nm Snapdragon

Adds bounty to cut bugs in Android updates

British banks chuck smartphone apps out of Windows

UWP – now slightly less Universal than before!

Here's how the missile-free Royal Navy can sink enemy ships after 2018

It's tried, tested and proven in all-out war – and we've already got it, unlike the F-35

WDLabs goes Pi-eyed and sees triple

Neat storage subsystem adds multiple OS instances

'Podling' Apache projects are spending longer in the incubator

ApacheConOut of 30, four retired and only seven have graduated this year

Alibaba misses Java seat as MicroProfile champ lands a first

Tomitribe secures JCP EC presence amid familiar blend

VMware joins Brexploitation gang, double digit price hike in the offing

All Virtzilla's stuff to rise 15% from 1 January for UK punters

Emergency services 4G by 2020? And monkeys could fly out of my butt

Motorola gets paid if it's on time, gets paid if it's delayed

Virtual Instruments gobbles up Xangati in cash-free deal

Buying app monitoring and analytics smarts to add to its infrastructure intelligence

Smart meter benefits even crappier than originally thought

Government accused of burying report in wake of Trump election

TfL to track Tube users in stations by their MAC addresses

Data to be crunched in on-premises bit barn, transport types confirm

Mozilla launches 'privacy edition' Firefox... that phones home

You had one job, Mozilla. One job

A-Oh-Well: Internet corpse sheds 500 workers

Yahoo! is going to fit right in here

US Director of National Intelligence legs it

VideosGood riddance, says senator who caught him lying

FYI Apple fans – iCloud slurps your call histories

Want to keep your call records private? Disconnect from iCloud

The case for a police-civilian cyber super-agency in Australia

OpinionNot that kind of merger, but a merger nonetheless

The solution to security breaches? Kill the human middleware

Versus16Time to turn security model inside out, conference hears

Fintech startup Revolut pulls out of several countries, promises swift return

ExclusiveUsers flummoxed by texts telling them to shift funds by Monday

Microsoft's development platform today: What you need to know

Connect 2016Connect shows direction for .NET, cloud and mobile efforts

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