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11th > November > 2016 Archive

Recruitment giant PageGroup hacked, Capgemini dev server blamed for info leak

ExclusiveSomeone's definitely looking for a new job

Nvidia's financials have great numbers. Yuge numbers. The best numbers, believe me

Make America INT8 again

Make phishing great again: Hackers prod US think tanks, NGOs amid Trump win shockwaves

Russians – of course – blamed

Panicked WH Smith kills website to stop sales of how-to terrorism manuals

ExclusiveOne title bought by MP Jo Cox murder suspect

This week's biggest shock: The race to 200Gbps has been won

CommentWe know, we know, we didn't predict this one, either

What strange madness is this? Microsoft makes patch data RESTful

Redmond's new security bulletin feed aims to stop cut and paste data dredging

Russia to block LinkedIn over data domiciling issues

LinkedIn says regulator sent letter to the wrong office

Angry user demands three site visits to fix email address typos

On-CallFour-hour round trips averted by just pretending email had reached its destination

Britain must send its F-35s to Italy for heavy overhauls, decrees US

And ship the engines to Turkey for overhauls and upgrades

UK Ministry of Defence splurges £280,000 on online 'good ideas' form

Off-the-shelf service absorbs improbable quantity of our cash

Reg meets 'Lokihardt', quite possibly the world's best hacker

Power of CommunityKorean chap finds flaws in moments, scores $100k apiece for fun

Brace yourselves! Blighty is turning to AI for help

AI will improve UK government's digital services, apparently

Google: If you think we're bad, you should take a look at Apple

Ad monster whines to EC about antitrust probe into Android

Top of the bots: This AI isn't a cold, cruel killing machine – it's a pop music hit machine

FeatureCyber-crooner tries to prove code can be creative too

CIOs: VDI? Maybe, just maybe, it really will be different this time...

Register RoundtableTech bosses endorse thin clients, throw hands in the air over millennials

Slacker or Team playa? Microsoft's Mr Business takes on messaging's corporate raider

PostIt notes down for the big communications face-off

A cardboard desk? I won’t stand for it (actually I will)

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Just imagine if virgins came flat-packed too

Google's crusade to make mobile web apps less, well, horrible

Chrome Dev SummitNo chance of making people on the web less horrible, though

Software biz boss on harassment charges represents himself, says I want a jury

And, allegedly, he was only harassing bloody lawyers too

Google Pixel pwned in 60 seconds

Power of CommunityChinese teams kill Safari, laugh at four-second Flash hack

Russian banks floored by withering DDoS attacks

IoT blamed. Again.

SimpliVity results scream 'I'm perfect for you, HPE!'

But no formal announcement on wedding

Met Police issues £350m tender for future IT procurement framework

Following a proven and successful model... er, hang on

Join the Q: British intel agencies seek tech-savvy apprentices

GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 offer 'alternative to university'

Trumped? Nope. Ireland to retain corporate tax advantage over the US

Senior economic adviser to president-elect says rate to be cut to 15-20 per cent

Testing times: Between some IoT code and a hard place

RadbotEmbedded bugs are hard to catch

Yeah, that '50bn IoT devices by 2020' claim is a load of dog toffee

IDTechX report takes a swipe at other analysts' 'hype bubble'

Red squirrels! Adorable, right? Wrong – they're riddled with leprosy

Fluffy tree-dwellers carry ancient disease, say boffins

Got a cold flannel? Acer Q3 profits were bigger than cost of your lunch

Three straight quarters of bottom line swelling. Looks and smells like a recovery. Sort of

Google's new VR Daydream View will cripple your phone

Mmmm, soft, tactile, sensuous fabric… wait, why is your head on fire?

Spain's Prime Minister wants to ban internet memes. No, really

PicsSo you won’t be able to, you know, mock Mariano Rajoy like this…

UK privacy watchdog sends poison pen letter to Zuckerberg et al

Column makes case for holding social media giants to account

Drubbed Grubhub bub scrubs anti-Donald-dubbed snub sub-hubbub

Demand that bigots resign was really a call for tolerance, food delivery upstart CEO insists

Russia shoves antitrust probe into Microsoft after Kaspersky gripes about Windows 10

Друг познаётся в беде́

Facebook agrees to dial back 'racial affinity' ads

And all it took was a few AGs and lawmakers to make them do it

FCC wants a word with AT&T about that zero-rated DirecTV streaming

Not mentioned: Why it wasn't discussed when they approved the $50bn merger

Mark Zuckerberg is dead – Facebook confirmed

Social networking giant so very sorry

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