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9th > November > 2016 Archive

How could things get worse for Samsung? Glad you asked

Corporate HQ raided by South Korea's corruption busters

Computer glitches force US election poll stations to stay open for longer

Mystery surrounds bugs that delayed voting in crunch North Carolina battleground

Analyst reckons proprietary IoT wireless interfaces won't last

The GSMA is on the case, and carriers are listening

Finns chilling as DDoS knocks out building control system

Hint: next time, buy a firewall before you're attacked

Adobe Australia drops SaaS tax dodge

Will apply local sales taxes to cloud services from now on

Windows Insiders are so passé, Microsoft now has Skype Insiders

If call quality is even worse than usual, this could be the reason

Leaked paper suggests EM Drive tested by NASA actually works

Newton-busting space drive might get us to Mars, very slowly

Sega MegaDrive/Genesis lives again, in Brazil!

Portuguese-speaking retro-gamers, your time is now

Ireland to fight against billing Apple for back-taxes

€13 BEELLION at stake in appeal

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet

Apple, media, 400-pound hackers, look to be in trouble

Boffins automate code optimisation for multi-core CPUs

Don't get too worried, devs, this is only for some dynamic optimisation algos ... for now

What do you give a bear that wants to fork SSL? Whatever it wants!

'BearSSL' strips crypto back to the bare metal

The big get bigger in cloud

Giants grab growing share of services market

US citizens crash Canadian immigration site after Trump victory

Key states swing behind the Donald, California votes for Clinton and legalises pot

What's that, Adobe? A Photoshop for faking voices?

Why Stephen Fry never needs to open his mouth again

Bungling ATM thieves blow up bank statement machine

Dummkopf crims mocked by German police

Speaking in Tech: Let's make podcasting great again

PodcastPlus: KubeCon, Azure, World Series blues, snake-dodging iguanas, and more

Green shoot at Imation as Nexsan revenues revive

Loss-making company continues to be, well, loss-making

Toblerone's Brexit trim should be applied to bloatware

CommentThe software you want, the price you pay now. What's not to like?

Japanese cops arrest serial 'foot licker'

Nippon continues to dominate world's weirdness charts

Gartner's soothsayers whisk Huawei, Quantum and Infinidat to front of stage

Disk array leaders' box crowded in latest Magic Quadrant

Copyright crimefighters FACT change tack after Hollywood calls The Terminator

Relaunched anti-piracy body to focus on games, music and leisure

Losses and sales up, shares down at Sophos

Cyber-security firm expects growth to continue

HPE and SimpliVity may be at church door

Could they marry? Should they marry? Will they marry? Are they marrying?

Insecure IoT networks for medical data? Easily fixed, shrugs Arqiva

LPWAN ForumVodafone chips in: 'We'll soon do IoT networks too!'

IFTTT isss notttt afraiddd offf Microsofttt Flowww

Besides, we've got more partners, scripting pioneer crows

Protected? Cosy? Pffft, Reduxio prefer 'daring stupidity'

Israel startup shows novel approach to data management

IoT is more than vapourware, insists GSMA

LPWAN ForumNine NB-IoT deployments across the UK? Be still, our fluttering hearts

UK's 'FBI' hit by DDoS barrage

It's just a 'temporary inconvenience', says agency

Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's actually good thing

CommentTrump Silver Linings?

GoPro drone moan brings more bad Karma

Shares down again for camera company

Trump's taxing problem: The end of 'affordable' iPhones

CommentTariff bluster or protectionist polices to bank on?

Just what everyone needs right now – an HPE chat bot wrapped in a Docker container, right?

IT titan talks up ChatOps, because email sucks

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

CommentIntelligence sharing is at risk if UK is exposed to Trump's torturous activities

Walgreens demands $140m refund from busted bio biz Theranos

Bayonetting the wounded

Tailored Swift – coming soon to a cloud near you

Interview'Jono' Guthrie of PerfectlySoft makes the case for server-side Swift

GitHub Enterprise catches up with GitHub proper

Code reviews, product management, and forced two-factor authentication

America's tragedy: Trans-Pacific Express cable repairs delayed

Clearly, this is the worst thing to happen to this country all month

Fatigue fears over bug bounty programs

People have day jobs, so only grab low-hanging fruit

Tech Trump: Silicon Valley steps into the valley of unhappiness

It's a long litany of problematic positions

EMC publicly denies Fairview borkage involvement

City Pages story completely wrong. XtremIO array did NOT fail

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