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7th > November > 2016 Archive

Embiggened CenturyLink flogs off data centres

Private venture consortium buys 57 bit barns

Icelandic Pirate Party maroons itself from coalition talks

Píratar wants to drive change without taking power

User danger declines as two thirds of Chromistas now use HTTPS

With Google goggles on, Chrome security performance outshines other browsers

Apple, Mozilla kill API to deplete W3C battery-snitching standard

Idea for low-powered HTML adjustments abandoned after security implications explored

FBI's Clinton email comedown confirms it could have killed the story in a canter

El Reg was right: emailgate 2.0 is a fizzer

Arista fends off Cisco attack, reports growth

Tops US$290 million for Q3 2016

Mythbuntu busted as last two devs working on media centre distro quit

This will not be the year of Linux on the media centre desktop, after all

What a bee-lief! UK's asian hornet outbreak is over ... for now

No live sightings have been reported since October

Password reset warrior arrested for popping 1050 student accounts

And once he was in, this creep searched for sexy emails

CERN also has a particle decelerator – and it’s trying to break physics

But physics is resisting: Antiproton weight probe reveals no anomalies

School cyber safety spiel shows smut to 'Strayan students

ENTIRELY SFW VIDPerils of Internet demonstrated very graphically to wide-eyed kids

Apple drops dongle prices to make USB-C upgrade affordable

Users rebel at $69 price to keep old peripherals alive

Dell fire sales score US$5.4bn

Cerber ransomware menace now targeting databases

Why try to extract pennies from kiddies when there's businesses to be bilked?

Tech support scammers use denial of service bug to hang victims

Process pig keeps eyes glued on fraudsters' phone number.

'F*cking crap' aside, Linus Torvalds says Linux 4.9 is coming along nicely

Another week, another rc, but no overlayfs update

We're going to have to start making changes or the adults will do it for us

Sysadmin BlogTabs vs spaces? Unfortunately there are deeper, uglier issues facing IT

Zadara enters Googleplex

Happy ending for Kettering as soapy veteran replaces Mean Girl Lindsay

Diva soapstar turn-on-turn-up-slap-down on the cards?

HPE OneView's automated on-ramp is easy on the admin

Sets up DL rack servers using profile data – bare metal becomes usable system

UK AI ethics board to launch

UK spying law delayed while Lords demand Leveson amendments

IPBillPress-bashing grants paranoiacs extra week to prepare for Snoopers' Charter

Tesco Bank limits online transactions after fraud hits thousands

Current account customers affected by security breach

Leaner, meaner screamer from Infinidat dreamer

Company is putting more drives in thinner trays to grow capacity

Boffins turn phone into tracker by abusing pairing with – that's right – IoT kit

Black Hat EUSecurity researchers exploit vulns in Belkin home automation product

Redcentric CFO quits after botched accounts discovered

Cost of correcting will be 'at least £10m', share price dives more than 60%. Ouch

Fleeing Aussie burglar shot in arse with bow and arrow

'We believe the arrow is still with the injured party,' say cops

Virgin goes 4G with zero-rated Facebook and WhatsApp

'See if we care, slacktivists'

What the Dell? NAND flash drought hits Texan monster – sources

Extended lead times de rigueur

Web security still outstandingly mediocre, experts report

Black Hat EUXSS marks the spot

Why Oracle's Larry Ellison shelled out $9bn for NetSuite

AnalysisBig Red paid nearly another PeopleSoft for cloud provider

Mirai scan tool unleashed

Julian Assange to be interviewed by Swedish rape prosecutors

Looks like Ecuador's getting fed up with their gobby broom cupboard squatter

Browsers nix add-on after Web of Trust is caught selling users' browsing histories

UpdatedDid the users consent to this?

Hitler's wife's lovely lilac knickers fetch £2,900 at auction

Private purchaser not identified

Fujitsu staffers strike over pay, job security and pensions

300 Unite brothers brave wintry weather in northwest

NooBaa wraps AWS S3 wool around Microsoft Azure Blob storage

Upstart lets apps use on and off-prem storage in two shakes of a lamb's tail

RIP EarthLink, 1994–2016: From AOL killer to regional ISP's attic

Windstream absorbs brand for $1.1bn

Siri, clone yourself and dive into this Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Say hello to Bixby – Sammy's hopefully non-exploding AI assistant

New Relic: Turtles? No. It's cloud infrastructure all the way down

Cloud service for managing cloud services arrives, nearly

Chinese chap in the clink for trying to swap US Navy FPGAs with fakes to beat export ban

15 months for fishing chips

Kaminario's K2 mountain is about to be uplifted

+CommentPumping up performance, price/performance and product virtualization

China passes new Cybersecurity Law – you have seven months to comply if you wanna do biz in Middle Kingdom

None of this is good news

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