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2nd > November > 2016 Archive

HP Enterprise, Mirantis sack couple of hundred OpenStack engineers

Still super committed, though, we're told

MacBook headphone hell

Cisco: This $200k UCS S-Series is cheaper than AWS S3 after 13 months


Google punts WoSign, StartCom from good guy certificate club

Joins Mozilla, Apple in ban on less-than-optimally-rigorous certifiers

Microsoft ends OEM sales of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1

When the nagware stops working, there's another way to get you upgrading

Hackers hustle to hassle un-patched Joomla! sites

If you didn't patch, you've probably been p0wned already

Ghost of DEC Alpha is why Windows is rubbish at file compression

OSes need one algo for all machines, so Redmond coded for the worst CPU it knew

HTML 5.1 signed off

Teen UK hacker pleads guilty after earning $385k from DDoS tool

Cops say net crims launched 1.7 million attacks from 15 year-old's creation.

Multiple RCE flaws found in Memcached web speed tool

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit among big ticket sites possibly affected

Supercomputers crack Saturn's ice-cold ring

And explain Uranus's dark band

Want to spy on the boss? Try this phone-mast-in-an-HP printer

Hiding in plain sight

Str-NAND-ed: Flash chip drought hits tech world

Supply shortage to end around March, we're warned

Which job is AI going to eat next? Step forward, CCTV operators

NEC touts machine-learning system that can spot 'suspicious behavior'

Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

It looks like users won't adopt it if they have to pay for it

Laser surgery ignites internal methane, burns patient down there

Mildly NSFWCervical surgery left patient with nasty burns, sparks new gas therapy

England expects... you to patch your apps and not just Windows

We're getting better at fixing Microsoft's OS but not so much with applications

ESMA urges companies to disclose potential Brexit impact

That's the European Securities and Markets Authority to you

Stiff upper lips and sun glasses: the Chancellor bets on Brexit feeling

Microsoft Future DecodedBright future. Are you sure, minister?

Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good

Last refuge for purists

Speaking in Tech: Worst OpenStack summit ever?

PodcastPlus: Dell EMC World, US election banter, and more

If any idiot can do it, we're heading in the right direction

Sysadmin BlogI am a simple man – and that's the way I like it

Hull's City of Culture firework freebie flares up

More of a whimper than bang as website dishing out tickets crashes

HyperStore gets Coldline for tired old objects

Take a chill in Google's cloud care home

Delayed Ingram Micro sale to Tianjin Tianhai gets green light from US regs

World's largest tech distie still awaiting approval from Chinese authorities

Capita STILL hasn't delivered usable Army recruitment IT system

Defence Secretary confirms 'legacy IT systems' remain in use

NetApp gives Data Fabric a little nip, tuck and some filler

A dose of digital Botox for hybrid cloud ideas

Broadcom snaps up Brocade for $5.9bn

We want your Fibre Channel SAN stuff, but the IP biz can take a hike

Bow to your Sensei! Adobe adds machine learning and design tool to Creative Cloud

Adobe MAXEverything's getting cloudier

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

PollSpeek your branes, sky-gazers

Bookmakers William Hill under siege from DDoS internet flood

IT admins are having a hell of an evening? You can bet on it! Well, on another website

Survey finds 75% of security execs believe they are INVINCIBLE

Pride cometh despite one in three targeted attacks resulting in a security breach

Tableau revenues drop due to weak UK sales, fingers sales bods not Brexit

We're going to have shoulder this ourselves, admits chief exec

Pixel perfect: Nexsan Unity arrays get smartphone and web browser access

Featuring private cloud file sync and share

Barracuda email security scanning services in worldwide TITSUP

'What's happening?' ask angry folk left with little info

Microsoft's chaps slap Slack chat brats with yackety-yak app

Teams messaging software bunged on Office 365

Pivot3 appoints new CxO as revenues rocket

Dollars better flow or Chief Revenue Officer will have to go

Level 3 celebrates $34bn CenturyLink gobble by blacking out Eastern US

Merger party got a bit out of hand, we take it?

Gawker settles with Hogan

Rhode Island sues HPE for making its DMV even more miserable

Botched RIMS job leaves state with bad taste in its mouth

Facebook chokes off car insurance slurp because – get this – it has privacy concerns

Do as we say, not as we do

NullCrew's Canadian telco hacker thrown in the clink for four years

Teenage crimes lead to adult punishments

Facebook logs $7bn quarter

Privacy Commission wants new rights for personal data control

Don't cheer: this is about more data sharing, so business can profit from you more easily

Uncle Sam emits DNS email security guide – now speak your brains

NIST wants to nip message hacks in the bud. We're betting President Clinton agrees

Fitbit kit not a hit

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