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1st > November > 2016 Archive

Cheap, lousy tablets are killing the whole market says IDC

Amazon and Huawei sales up, everyone else is drooping

Microsoft open-sources half-baked Azure servers to boost OCP innovation

Redmond reckons open source hardware needs Alphas to fork with, just like open source code

Post-Mirai, HackForums kills off white hat DDoS rental service

Even hackers are worried about the Internet of S**t backlash

Nymaim malware got a major 'upgrade', says Verint

It's nearly 2017, and Word macros are STILL spreading malware

Bluemix Data Cache 'retired'

VMware stubs its toe again: NSX has another VM-flattening bug

No resolution for flaw that sees VMs lose network connectivity

Docker user? Haven't patched Dirty COW yet? Got bad news for you

Repeat after me, containerization isn't protection, it's a management feature

Smut site offers to buy Vine

Run a JSON file through multiple parsers and you'll get different results every time

Loose spec mangles data, creates security risks

Hypersonic cruise missile scores US$175m DARPA cash

Raytheon gets the job of delivering death from above at Mach 5

Apcera pitches escape from IT hamster wheel

More container management capabilities, more security

Linux in 2016 catches up to Solaris from 2004

Veteran dev says timed sampling's arrival in Berkeley Packet Filter makes Linux 4.9 a match for Solaris' DTrace

Boffins coax non-superconductive stuff into dropping the 'non'

The ultimate goal: A room temperature superconductor

Microsoft's IFTTT competitor goes live for suits & sysadmins alike

Workflow and automation tool needs no coding skills, can run from your smartmobe

EU €120m Wi-Fi spend explained, but not excused

OpinionIt's a colossal waste, says basically everyone

Put Firefox DE and Chromium in blender. Devs... Is it pure Blisk?

Open Source InsiderDepends who you're asking

Freeze ...SCADA! Flaw lets hackers peel away Human Machine Interface

'Totally different' Schneider Electric PanelShock vuln appears

More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list

No more, er, movies4u, pirates

Tell us your DevOps, Agile, CD and Container stories

Continuous Lifecycle 2017: Call for papers closes in one month

Broadcom would certainly be broader with Brocade on board

Fibre Channel market entering the merchant silicon end-game phase

Smart Meter rollout delayed again. Cost us £11bn, eh?

Crapita still cocking up

A sorry Brexcuse! Systemax blames Brexit for car crash Q3 results

But weren't sales sliding before the EU referendum? Yes, they were's pricey Five Year Plan to see off cyber thugs still in place

£1.9bn for crypto, new recruits and spam filters

SonicWall goes it alone as Elliott and pal swallow Dell/Quest Software

Rumours abound of product lines ending – and layoffs too

Sound-mufflers chuck acoustic sleep blanket at the noise-plagued

Tin-rattlers punt cure for raucous neighbours

Whoosh! China shows off J-20 'stealth' fighters and jet drones

Slowly but surely, they're gearing up. But for what?

UK will retaliate against state-sponsored cyber attacks, Chancellor warns

Microsoft Future DecodedMiddle path between cheek-turning and all-out war

Apple urges court to hurry up with hearing Galway data centre objection

Time is money, Athenry peasantry

Hey Tintri. Mac? Rack? No, I said what's happening with my stack?

Tintri tossing out out chatbot-ready TOS automation, cloud, container support

Amazon guarantees bitterly contested Ohio wind farm project

Sod the locals, we've got a corporate social responsibility PR budget to blow

Apple fans using Chrome on alert for Mac malware

Google AdWords has been spewing software nasties

Coding will win you the election, narcissistic techies boasted to Hillary

CommentEarth to Silicon Valley: Nurse will see you now

Dark web myths busted

Ex-soldier slapped with sex offender order after flouting private browsing mode ban

Former Royal Signals sergeant was caught using DuckDuckGo

Yahoo! loses! women!

Ransomware victims screwed

Microsoft flips Google the bird after Windows kernel bug blurt

Security flaw will be fixed next week, says Redmond exec

Hm, is that a minefield? Let me just throw my magic bomb-sniffing spinach over there

I'm strong to the finish, I'm Popeye the vapour man

Grab your code ASAP: Nitrous cloud IDE evaporates in two weeks

But cloud-based development still looks brighter in the business world

Sweden axes 700MHz spectrum sale over 'national security' fears

Say goodbye to better mobile coverage and hello to happy spies

HPE: Wanna revive that support deal for your software? Ha ha ha, har

New terms kill reinstatement path for year-old plans

Ford slams brakes on sales spreadsheets after fire menaces data center

Automaker says backup power saved the day, but monthly financial reports delayed

Mobile beats desktop traffic

Quest celebrates first day of independence from Dell with layoffs

ExclusiveThey were promised cake – that should have been the first warning

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