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28th > October > 2016 Archive

Surprise, surprise: AWS is making boatloads of money for Amazon

Also sky blue, oceans wet, Bezos rich

Dan Kaminsky calls for a few good hackers to secure the web

DNS saviour hosting mass hackathon this week

Web devs want to make the Internet of S**t worse. Much worse

The W3C wants to hook your bluetooth s**t to websites, because shiny

Blood donors' privacy anaemic after Red Cross data breach

Sexual activity data included in leak of 550,000 folks who gave blood in Australia since 2010

Groupon buys Living Social

Bitcoin exchange boss going down for washing ransomware cash chap is headed for the slammer

Topless in-car selfie attempt climaxes with rear-end bonking

Don't drink and drive and Snapchat while naked from the waist up. Especially near Police

Irish activists fight EU-US privacy pact as tech giants flock to sign up

Privacy Shield no protection for user data, says Digital Rights Ireland

'Fappening' hacker gets 18 months in US federal clapper

One of two CelebGate hackers goes down, but uploader remains at large

Dutch webcam perv jailed

Researchers tag new brace of bugs in NTP, but they're fixable

Party like it's 1985 1955 2015 WHAT DATE IS IT ANYWAY?

Hell desk thought PC fire report was a first-day-on-the-job prank

On-CallIt sounded funny until the user suggested she throw water on an electrical fire

Windows Atom Tables popped by security researchers

You can't duck and cover from AtomBombing

Crashed Schiaparelli lander's 'chute and shields spotted

Which is nice, but they offer ambiguous clues about the mission's failure

Marketing... or how I lost my soul to Lagos

RadbotLife as a tech entrepreneur

EU announces common corporate tax plan

'Powerful tool against' avoiders

Getting your tongue around foreign tech-talk is easier than you think

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Merci Dieu que je suis anglais, eh, vieux fruit?

NYSE halts trading in Violin Memory shares

Tanking stock sends market capitalisation below $15m limit

Search engine results increasingly poisoned with malicious links

Almost six times as many web page threats found this year compared to 2013

Northamber almost strikes cheery note, warns profit a year off

Cautious distie sees revenues slip, losses climb

Everything you need to know about HP's three-in-one x3 deals

Who's it for? How much is it? Let us explain

Intel punches out data centre flash cardlet

Chipzilla’s M.2 format SSD for data centre server reading use

Fujitsu workers to strike in Blighty over pay

Customer service will go dead on Halloween... but will anyone notice?

Lenovo downward dogs with Yoga BIOS update supporting Linux installs

Somewhere a Lenovo engineer is crying over how your OS is accessing the SSD

Could Heather from EastEnders turn on Kettering if Lohan is no-show?

She don't call, she don't write, wail worried midlands burghers

See that red spot on the chart? Sail over it and you'll find a Russian sub

Take RN exercise Unmanned Warrior, add drone data and Esri's ArcGIS maps...

Alleged ISIS member 'wore USB cufflink and trained terrorists in encryption'

33-year-old Cardiff man faces trial next year over six terrorism charges

Researchers expose Mirai vuln that could be used to hack back against botnet

Exploit can halt attacks from IoT devices

Windows Server 2016 persistent memory support supercharges storage IO

Because it isn't necessarily storage IO at all

Uber drivers entitled to UK minimum wage, London tribunal rules

Say hello to more cash, drivers – and goodbye to your bottom line, Uber

Birmingham sperm bank pulls plug after just a handful of recruits

Most enthusiastic bankers are in London and the South East

Cynical Apple gouges UK with 20 per cent price hike

Wait... That's more than sterling's devaluation

Soylent fart powder sales halt

FBI reopens Hillary spillery

Geohot gone geocold on georides: self-driving car kit cancelled

Highway safety bods didn't warm to DIY auto auto. Funny that

Florida man ran $1.35m hack-and-spam racket with 50m-plus addresses

The wages of sin include a Ferrari F430

No nudes, bloated apps, Android sucks and 497 other complaints about Apple to the FTC

ExclusiveWe asked US watchdog to reveal formal gripes against Cupertino

Lad cuffed after iOS call exploit knocks out Arizona 911 center

Meet's L337 feat brings heat

Facebook ads in race claim

DMCA updated – toaster penetration testing gets green light in America

Exemption allows security research, for two years at least

'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million

Home IP, check. Own email, check. Arrest, certain

Coming to an SSL library near you? AI learns how to craft crude crypto all by itself

And humans don't understand how it works

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